Would You Pay $3 Per Month So You Can Undo A Tweet? Twitter Thinks So

Would You Pay $3 Per Month So You Can Undo A Tweet? Twitter Thinks So

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Social media has to develop or die. Today, the ruthless trolls people roaming the digital world, the rampant misinformation campaigns, and the proliferation of bots have made some platforms like Twitter feel like spam wasteland.

We are all guinea pigs who have participated in this experiment for the past 10 years to see whether it makes sense to willingly share our personal data in exchange for free access. We agreed a long time ago to watch bespoke advertising all day, which is the most important business model. It hasn’t aged well. We are now the ones to decide whether to break this established norm.

Guess what? We will be tested there in a moment.

According to multiple reports, Twitter is preparing a subscription model where you pay $ 3 a month for Twitter Blue (recently revealed as an in-app purchase). One of the most important features is the ability to undo a tweet, which is roughly what you would expect from an app like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word. If you tweet on the social media platform and discover that you made a typo or said something wrong, you can block the tweet. Not a trace. It will be like the tweet never existed.

This is how it looks:

This is similar to a feature that has been around for a while that lets you undo a retweet that removes it from your timeline.

Twitter users have been complaining about the inability to quickly remove a tweet and change your mind for years, almost from the start. A tweet used to be more of a text message or even a radio signal as it was broadcast around the world and became part of the public lexicon. Until 2017, tweets were archived in the Library of Congress. Today, users send around 500 million tweets every day.

We are now slowly moving into an age where many of us are tired of doing a Google search of our personal information sales all day and kayak and baby food ads all day.

The business model has become tiresome.

Twitter Blue includes a “collection” feature (basically your favorites) and a reading mode that makes it easier to see longer tweets.

However, this undo function is slightly appealing. Whenever you tweet something, you’ll see a progress bar that you can click to prevent the tweet from ever showing up. I’m using something similar in Microsoft Outlook that waits about 15 seconds before sending an email. If you can undo a tweet, that’s a lot better than deleting one.

Here’s the hard part.

What is it really worth to you

I remember a book by the former Wired publisher called Free: The Future of Radical Price that predicted some of these things. He argued that free is not always free, and he was clearly right. As a commercial company, I would like the book to delve a little more into the gray area of ​​inexpensive in-app services and social media. The guy is really smart, but there was hardly any Twitter back then.

I doubt this new feature will work. Free isn’t free, but $ 3 is a lot for smaller functions. To me, Twitter Blue sounds like a luxurious hotel concierge that everyone ignores when they walk by.

I like social media, it shook my world as a writer and book author, but I’m not sure this new business model will work out. In this case, I know that free isn’t free, and I’m not happy about it. If you start charging me for this, I’ll probably look for other platforms that offer the same services (and are actually “free”).