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Why Is It Important To Make Your Website  More Mobile-Friendly? 1

Smartphones are now part of our daily use. Today we cannot imagine a day without our smartphones. People from all walks of life are dependent on the daily use of smartphones. This simply means that website owners now need to improve their website experience for their visitors.

A recent survey found that the number of mobile users exceeded the number of computer users. Most of the traffic to websites worldwide now comes from smartphones. It is all the more important to make your website more mobile, as almost half of the traffic on your website comes from cell phones. If your website is not cell phone-friendly, it can drive a lot of your visitors off your website, which can affect your ranking as well.

Here are some ways to make your website more mobile

Make your website responsive

The best way to make your website more mobile is to make a responsive website. A responsive website adapts to the device on which the user is viewing it. A responsive website can help you deliver the same content and information more mobile. There are numerous tools available in the market to help you create a mobile-friendly website.

Easy to find information

People often use their smartphones to search for specific information. That means they need to find this information as soon as possible. With that in mind, you can predict what information your visitors are most likely to be looking for and find that information easier on the mobile home page. You can also use Google Analytics to find out what information your visitors are looking for on your website.

Stop using ads and popups.

Users don’t appreciate ads and popups especially when trying to read the information on a small screen for their smartphone. If you want to improve the user experience, avoid ads and popups.

Nobody likes them in any context, but when you’re trying to read text on a small screen and a large ad or popup is blocking your view of the page, it’s especially annoying.

Speed ​​matters

There are many ways that you can improve the speed of your website such as:

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages – This can help increase your website loading speed on smartphones.
  • Compress Your Images – You can also improve the speed of your website by using

Compress large images. That way, they’ll take less time to load to improve the user experience.

  • Hosting Plan – Often times, an outdated hosting plan can also affect the speed of your website. So make sure your hosting plan is up to date and has a fast loading speed.

Simple web design

One can imagine that surfing on a small screen can be a bit hectic. If your website is quite complicated to design, it becomes even more difficult to display. Try to make your website design cleaner and more minimalistic so that it is easier to navigate.

Big buttons

We all know how difficult it can be to click smartphones with your fingers. Especially when these buttons are extremely small in size and placed close together on the screen. Another way to improve the user experience on smartphones is to provide large buttons that are easier to click

Large font sizes.

Another similar problem that users encounter is trying to read small text on a smartphone screen. By providing text in a large font size, you can further improve the user experience by making it easier for the visitor to read the text and get the information they want in a short amount of time.

Don’t use flash

Try not to use Flash on your website as it will slow down the speed of your website. Most Android and iOS devices do not support Flash animation and it can affect the user experience as well. Instead of Flash, try to use better web designs for your website to make it more mobile.

Switch to the Desktop View Option

Some visitors often prefer a desktop view rather than the mobile view. Try to make this option available to visitors so that anyone who wants to switch to desktop view can do so easily.

Try it yourself

The most effective way to find out how mobile-friendly your website is is to visit your website regularly on your smartphone. This makes it easy for you to find out what your visitors are experiencing when they visit your website and then make the appropriate changes. You can also receive feedback from your employees and incorporate their contributions.


Cell phones change every day and you need to keep up with the changing technology. Providing a high quality user experience is a constant struggle to improve your website ranking and create a more mobile friendly website that is sure to help improve your website ranking.

We hope this article will help make your website more mobile. If you need further assistance, contact our expert at Ewebguru. We deliver flawless hosting solutions at an affordable price.