Why did Truepush shift from Free to the Most Affordable Push Service?


Our first business model

We originally planned to monetize cookie data just like Google or Facebook. It was easy. Delete cookies in the browser of the user subscribing to us, then connect them to an advertising network. The data is anonymous and no personal data is passed on. That’s why everyone wins. Users will still see the ads, only a few of them are supported by us.

Our plan for the first 3 years was not to change sales or focus on them. We knew we could do it once the volume was up. So we deleted cookies for a while, but then we found that it put an extreme load on our servers, especially if we don’t even use that cookie data. The cookie data will disappear anyway after 2-4 weeks. We have therefore focused on winning more customers and building a good infrastructure so that we always have at least twice the capacity of our current volume.

In the past 3 years we’ve grown from 22,000 push notifications to 35 billion push notifications (March 2021) and it’s been a huge growth. We have grown the fastest in the industry and believe we have truly innovated a new business model to bring our customers tens of thousands of dollars worth of value.

So what has changed?

A few months ago, Google announced that it would end its support for third-party cookies. The new update directly hit our original business model of being dependent on cookies. We didn’t expect this and left Truepush two options: either we have to try new methods to generate revenue, or we have to close the company. Closing the company meant only one thing: to disappoint our 25,000+ loyal customers who have helped us grow immensely and let go of some of our employees.

Our search for other business models

We went to great lengths to support all of our stakeholders as much as possible. Even during the troubled times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Truepush continued to improve its services. However, we have been hard hit by the pandemic in ways that we cannot disclose and we barely talked about it.
If you are our existing customer you already know how well our system works and is able to send 1.35 billion notifications / day (March 2021).

We first looked at push ads and ad networks where our customers could send push notifications on a revenue-sharing basis. But it didn’t make much sense as a business. The money was too small to distribute to customers, and even little money as a business to make. We realize that this can be one of the smaller sources of income, but your and our futures cannot depend on it. The same reason was true for showing a brief ad popup on our clients’ websites (again, we’re sure not many websites want to show more ads on their sites for several reasons). This is also ruled out.

In order to have a stable source of income, we decided to develop new paid tools. However, the problem with creating new tools is that it would take some time to create. This means it would take a year or more to break even and we are not sure how the market will take us. We firmly believe that there is no point in exposing our customers and our company to risk at this critical point.

Our conclusion to save and hold all of our stakeholders and a new future.

We finally decided to incriminate our customers. And we’ve made it a priority that this doesn’t burden our customers with high costs, unlike our competitors whose plans are overpriced.

While our motto as a company is to be profitable, we have realized that we will not charge our customers a premium price. And in order to keep track of whether we want to live or die as a company, we decided that we would live and prosper while supporting customers like you. To this end, we’re changing our motto from “Free Forever” to “Most Affordable Push Notifications” in the world.

This way, our customers pay far less than any other push notification platform in the world. This helps us just enough to cover our server bills and move on without thinking about the future or survival.

So we decided to give –

Free tier up to 1 lakh subscribers and from this point onwards only a minimum price of USD 50 for the next 1 lakh subscribers. Both free and paid users can use all of the features. Also note that pricing is per website, not per account, as is the case with most of our competitors. You combine all of the website subscribers and you will end up paying a lot.

If you can find a cheaper tariff anywhere else with the same features, write to us ([email protected]) and we will try to lower our prices. We just hope you are with us while we make this transition. Together we will make our markets and the world a better place.

Keep pressing!
Team Truepush