What are the best ‘Read More’ plugins on WordPress? 

What are the best 'Read More' plugins on WordPress? 

There are 500 million Blogs on the internet today. Since there are numerous blogs available to readers, it is important to organize your blog design so that it is aesthetically pleasing and easy to grasp.

Readers come to your blog with different goals. Not everyone prefers to read a blog source in full. With a limited amount of time, your readers will prefer to read what they like and what is useful to them.

You will learn more about the tip in this article five ‘Read more ‘Plugins from WordPress.

Advantages of using the ‘Read More’ plugin

  • It adds the aesthetic factor to your blog.
  • Hang on to your loyal readers.
  • Saves your reader time.
  • You can show the important part of your blog and hide the part you want.
  • Helps in structuring long-form content on your website.

Let’s start then!

1. Read More

Download the plugin

Read More
You can add a Read More button to your blog posts.

The free version of the plugin offers basic customization settings, while the paid version offers numerous customization options. For example,

  • General option; This includes the width, height, and size of the Read More buttons.
  • Live preview
  • Advance options; This includes font color, background color, alignment settings, etc.
  • Popup Settings’ which contain the design layouts for popups when a user clicks the button.

Read more from Edmon

To insert the button, you need to insert the button code into the post with the following code:

[expander_maker more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]Hidden text[/expander_maker]

Part 1: [expander_maker more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]
Part 2: [/expander_maker]

Just place part 1 before the text you want to include in the popup and place part 2 right after the end of the preferred content section.

2. Read More

Download the plugin

This ‘Read more’ plugin from George Gkouvousis is another simple plugin that you can use without using the shortcodes or embed codes. This is what your blog will look like after installing this WordPress plugin.
It's best to read more Plugin WordPress 2.1
There are several customization options for you. For example,

You can enter the text you want to display for “Read More” or some other alternative to it like “Know More” and so on.

It also offers other customization options like font color, weight, background color, and more.

The cherry on top is it’s free to use!

Read more from George Gkouvousis

3. WP Show more

Download the plugin

WP Show More is a free plugin from WordPress. You can use it to create a text format for the “More Information” function.

This is what the plugin looks like when it’s active on your blog.

The plugin is easy to use. However, it does require a basic knowledge of HTML code to implement on your site.

The plugin works with HTML code as follows:

[show_more more=”TEXT” less=”TEXT”] content [/show_more]

To further customize it for various parameters you can use the following shortcodes:

  • more = “show more”
  • less = “show more”
  • color = “# 0066CC”
  • list = ”» ”
  • align = ”left” | “Middle” | “right”
  • Size = “120”

Please note that this plugin does not offer any updates. You need to contact the developer to suggest additional features for this plugin.

4th Auto Limit Posts reloaded

Download the plugin

‘Auto Limit Posts Reloaded’ is another free plugin that WordPress provides to simplify your marketing life.

With the “Auto Limit Posts Reloaded” plugin you can create and index blog excerpts Home, Categories, Archive, and Search Sections without having to add a “More” tag each time you write a post.

And to make it look more neat, you can choose simple but engaging designs to target your blogs.

Here is one such example:

One thing to keep in mind here is that auto limit posts Not include the rel = nofollow Tag in reference links to the full text of your posts. NoFollow can have a negative impact on a site’s popularity.

5. Continue reading by Adam Skaat

Download the plugin

With this readin plugin you can hide or show your long form content on your website.

With the “Read more” plugin, you can make your long blogs more beautiful. You can use shortcodes to hide the part of the content that you don’t want your readers to see. And when you click on it, they can see the rest of the content.

And since part of the content is still visible, the search engines can crawl it and make it visible on SERPs.


Read More It brings order to your blogs with the right designs and other add-ons.

Try out these plugins and let us know which one you liked.