Web Accessibility Solution accessiBe Makes ADA Compliance Simple

Web Accessibility Solution accessiBe Makes ADA Compliance Simple

Web Accessibility Solution accessiBe simplifies ADA compliance

from Adam

Accessibility and ADA compliance apply to digital assets online. All company websites must be accessible to people with disabilities. It is indeed the law. Not to mention the right approach as a company.

Your offices and stores are most likely following ADA compliance guidelines. Why wouldn’t you apply them to your website, landing pages, product pages, desktop and mobile apps, and other digital assets?

This is definitely required if your business is in retail, such as e-commerce. Did you know that 60 percent of ADA compliance lawsuits in 2019 were related to retail websites and apps?

The catering and hospitality industries are also on the list of ADA lawsuits. In fact, 20 percent of restaurant chains had multiple ADA lawsuits since 2017.

ADA website and app lawsuits are actually more common than you might think. This is because developing an ADA compliant website can be a challenge for business owners. Even companies have difficulties with 100 percent accessibility on the Internet.

However, there is web accessibility technology that can help a company make websites 100 percent accessible, with ADA compliance as a priority.

Enter accessiBe, an internet accessibility technology company that is changing the way companies meet ADA compliance guidelines.

Web Accessibility Tech A game changer for ADA compliance of websites

Website accessibility can be easy for companies using Web Accessibility Tech through platforms like accessiBe’s. This technology company offers breakthrough technologies that enable businesses large and small to achieve full ADA compliance.

The process is automatic and immediate using computer vision technology and artificial intelligence (AI) for machine learning. How does it work? Two revolutionary apps that streamline the user interface and design with AI optimization for screen readers and keyboard navigation.

This way, you can turn your company’s website into a fully accessible, ADA compliant website with little effort and resources on your part. This eliminates manual processes that corporate IT managers would normally have to implement.

This includes manual testing by disability (motor, cognitive, auditory, visual), finding an expert to troubleshoot internet accessibility issues identified during the test, and optimizing the website based on changes in ADA compliance – Laws and regulations.

With accessiBe’s web accessibility software technology, companies no longer have to do this themselves.

ADA compliance for websites reduces legal risk

Many companies overlook the legal issues that can arise if their websites and applications are not ADA compliant. In fact, you could face multiple lawsuits due to an ADA compliance bug.

For example, 2019 was an outbreak year for online accessibility lawsuits. Over 21 percent of the companies have been sued several times.

Legal costs can add up quickly when fighting multiple lawsuits. This can be extremely harmful if your company has multiple websites and applications with subsidiaries.

Despite the legal issues and the correct approach to ADA compliance for your company’s website and apps, another important factor plays a role. The ability to attract and convert consumers with increased purchasing power.

Internet accessibility enables ADA-compliant companies to generate more revenue

Purchasing power is definitely something that companies pay close attention to when developing customer profiles, buyer personalities and marketing campaigns. One target market that businesses may not be able to leverage is businesses with disabilities.

An ADA compliant website allows businesses to market to consumers with disabilities. Did you know that one in five Americans has a disability? That’s around 64 million people. And 35 percent of these disabled Americans are of working age.

Disabled consumers also have extreme purchasing power with total disposable incomes of $ 490 billion. This is a breakthrough market segment for companies that can deliver high levels of web accessibility.

Business owners must consider features of online accessibility

The advantages of ADA compliance for your company are obvious. Reduce negative public opinion, eliminate ADA compliance lawsuits, increase web traffic, and increase sales by attracting a segment of the market with purchasing power.

Web Accessibility Tech can definitely move your business in a powerful direction when it comes to ADA compliance for websites and applications. However, when researching the technology, there are some key hallmarks of internet accessibility to consider.

First of all, you should aim to achieve compliance in all of the following areas:

  • WCAG 2.1
  • ADA title III
  • Section 508
  • EAA / EN 301 549

Compliance with the above regulations is critical to converting your website into a 100 percent ADA compliant website. To be fully compliant, it is also important to know more about what Internet accessibility actually looks like.

For example, the integration of the right color contrasts and the right font size. Adding text to break up color contrasts can also help distinguish sections for people with visual impairments. Navigation is also important and underscores the need for an easy-to-navigate website for all four main categories of disability (auditory, visual, motor, cognitive).

Adjustments to the backend site must also have priority. These backend optimizations for web accessibility include defined, detailed alt tags and schema markups. With all of these in mind, you can find and choose an internet accessibility technology company.

Wrap up. . .

Technology is certainly a powerful tool when it comes to business. Web Accessibility Tech may be your company’s most important technology. It can protect your business from lawsuits and improve your company’s bottom line. ADA compliance may no longer be possible. It is indeed a necessity for business growth and success.