Travis Scott Creates a Tequila-Inspired Hard Seltzer With Anheuser-Busch

Travis Scott Creates a Tequila-Inspired Hard Seltzer With Anheuser-Busch

Regardless of what else happened, 2020 turned out to be the year Travis Scott put his brand strength to the test.

Case in point: Two of the Houston-based rapper collaborations made it into the top 10 in Adweek’s annual ad ranking.His virtual concert on the video game Fortnite, which attracted 28 million viewers in the game and 119 million on its YouTube channel, came in 8th , while Scott’s partnership with McDonald’s, which resulted in national product shortages after the chain debuted its signature food, ranked 10th.

At the end of a banner year, Cactus Jack announces another brand partnership with the rapper, this time with Anheuser-Busch.

Starting in March 2021, Scott’s new agave-based hard selector will be called Cacti and will be inspired by the fastest growing spirit on the market: Tequila. At launch it will be available in the flavors of lime, pineapple and strawberry – packaged in the classic slim cans that we associate with the trendy drink, but with an ABV of 7% higher than most in this category.

According to Lana Buchanan, Anheuser-Busch’s Marketing Director for Beyond Beer, it was Scott who brought AB the idea.

“He’s a visionary,” Buchanan told Adweek. “He’s someone who always wants to challenge himself and deliver too much for his fan base.”

This is the seventh Hard Seltzer brand for Anheuser-Busch and complements the current range of Bon Viv, Bud Light Seltzer, Bud Light Platinum Seltzer, Natural Light Seltzer and Social Club. The sixth, Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer, is due to hit the market in January.

Still, Cacti is the first of its kind to launch with a prominent partner like Scott and the first agave-based seltzer for AB.

“Cacti are something I’m really proud of and a lot of work I’ve put into,” Scott said in a statement. “Me and the team have really done a lot, not just to get the right taste, but also to attract thousands of creative people [prototypes] from the actual drink to the can concept to the packaging and how it is presented to the world. We always try to convey a feeling in our products. “

In terms of packaging, the Selters come in a variety pack of nine 12-ounce cans, as well as 16-ounce and 25-ounce singles in Cacti’s lime and pineapple flavors.

“I’m a huge fan of tequila so I came up with it from that angle too,” he added, referring to the agave base. “I’m very excited to bring this out in 2021 and see how other people can enjoy it.”

Based on Scott’s personal brand, which has often played with otherworldly topics, the campaign for Cacti is under the motto “Down-to-Earth Ingredients. Exceptional taste. ”

While plans to promote cacti are still in the works, Buchanan said AB is “working very closely” with Scott on communication and promotional strategies and the alcohol giant will “fully support them, 360” [degrees]. ”

According to Anheuser-Busch, cacti are brewed in Los Angeles and made with high-quality blue agave from Mexico.

With growth of more than $ 1.1 billion since last summer, the popularity of the category is beyond telling.