TikTok Gets a Reprieve in Pakistan

TikTok Gets a Reprieve in Pakistan

Earlier this month, the Pakistani Telecommunications Authority ordered ISPs to block the video creation application because it was unable to remove “immoral” and “indecent” content.

The PTA said on Monday, “Due to the ongoing collaboration with the platform’s senior management before and after the ban was imposed, TikTok has ensured the moderation of content in accordance with social norms and the laws of Pakistan, ensuring that the users who are continuously involved are involved Uploading illegal content is blocked by the platform. The PTA has therefore decided to lift the ban in order to promote the healthy digital experience of users on the Internet and the growth of digital businesses. “

The agency added: “The restoration of TikTok is subject to the condition that the platform is not used to spread vulgarity and indecent content and that social values ​​are not abused. The PTA will be forced to permanently block the application if this condition is not met. “

TikTok was banned in India in June.

According to app analytics company Sensor Tower, the app was downloaded 14.7 million times in Pakistan in the first six months of the year.