The Top 10 Mental Health Apps for Social Media Managers and Creators

The Top 10 Mental Health Apps for Social Media Managers and Creators

Are you having a hard time taking a break from scrolling social feeds? Are you feeling overwhelmed with your to-do list?

There are tons of mental health apps out there that can help you incorporate moments of calm into your day – whether it be through guided meditation, reminders to stretch, or prompts to microjourn.

In this blog post we have summarized 10 of our favorite mental health apps to build new habits, reduce stress and achieve a healthy work-life balance.

10 of the best mental health apps for social media managers and developers

  1. The Headspace App
  2. The Noisili app
  3. The Shine app
  4. The fabulous app
  5. The Liberate App
  6. The Aloe Bud App
  7. The SPACE app
  8. The Pride Counseling App
  9. The DeskJob app
  10. The Talkspace app

# 1: The Headspace App for Solo Meditation

Headspace There are hundreds of meditations suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

The award-winning and research-based The mental health app is a later team favorite.

You can choose courses on a range of topics, including sleep, self-esteem, relationships, and creativity.

They have one too free collection of guided meditations and breathing exercises when you are feeling the pressure of self-isolation or working at home.

Available for iOS and Android.

# 2: The Noisili app for entry into the zone

Do you want to exclude external noises?

Noisili This option allows you to mix different sounds to create an ideal work environment and increase productivity.

Listen to the ocean waves crashing into a thunderstorm or the background noise of a coffee shop – whatever helps you find your focus.

This is especially useful when you are working on a detailed project or want to work through a long list of tasks.

Available for iOS and Android.

Later social media planning tools To let You schedule your posts in advance so you can step back from your screen at the end of the work day. Get started for free today!

# 3: The Shine app for dealing with everyday stress and anxiety

The average person spends more than two hours a day on social media, and it could be even higher for social media managers and creators.

However, spending too much time scrolling, replying to DMs, or dealing with negative comments can be stressful and anxious.

Enter: the Shine app. The app was developed to “facilitate the maintenance of your mental and emotional health” and is similar to your personal self-care kit.

Through a selection of services, including daily meditations and community support, Shine will help you learn to deal with daily stress and anxiety.

Available for iOS and Android.

# 4: the fabulous app for building healthy habits

Maintaining your physical and mental wellbeing often begins with building healthy habits.

Fortunately that Fabulous app is a practical digital coach with which you can integrate more structure into your everyday life.

Whether you want to remind yourself to drink more water, take a break from your screen, or go for a walk after lunch, you can develop habits that you can take for granted.

And if you want to join a like-minded community, you can also meet other Fabulous users and get in touch with them!

Available for iOS and Android.

# 5: The Liberate app for BIPOC-guided meditations

Working on social media has its downsides – especially if you’re the BIPOC navigating racist comments or DMs.

While other apps on this list are full of helpful meditations around stress and anxiety, the To free The app goes one step further and addresses issues such as racism and microaggressions.

Using a mental health app like Liberate can help you feel seen and heard, and encourage you to take the steps necessary to heal.

Available for iOS and Android.

# 6: the Aloe Bud app for organizing your thoughts

On days when you feel overwhelmed, writing down your thoughts can help you gain clarity and awareness.

If you don’t know where to start, the Aloe Bud App is a great tool for micro journaling how you feel every day:

Instead of getting an intimidating blank page, the app’s bite-sized prompts can help you reflect, recharge, and check-in your emotions.

Available for iOS only. If you’re on Android, check out Chiku.

# 7: The SPACE app for reducing screen time

Whether it is managing Twitter comments, replying to emails, or editing photos, we spend a lot of time looking at our phones.

If you want to cut down your screen time (especially outside of work hours!), Give this a try SPACE app.

Just fill out a questionnaire about your phone habits and SPACE will help you set goals to better take your screen time into account and be present in your everyday life.

Available for iOS and Android.

# 8: The Pride Counseling App for the LGBTQIA + community

Pride advice is a great mental health app in the LGBTQIA + community that aims to make help accessible and acceptable to all.

All you need is a discriminatory comment, DM, or post to affect your day. This is where the Pride Counseling app can be a resource to turn to.

The app connects you with queer-friendly advisors who can offer support via messaging, phone calls, or video conferencing.

Available for iOS and Android.

# 9: The DeskJob app for stretching at your desk

Staring at your screen for too long shown to increase Eye strain, blurred vision, headaches, and neck pain – also known as computer vision syndrome.

One way to help? By pausing the screen and stretching!

The DeskJob app is a simple tool that will remind you to take a break and walk you through a few simple sections.

There’s nothing special about it – just useful prompts to keep your mind and body agile.

Available for iOS only. For Android, try TOBEE.

# 10: The Talkspace app for connecting with therapists

Talkspace is a popular mental health app that provides access to thousands of licensed therapists in the US and Canada.

And with the rise of Social media burnoutHaving someone to talk to can be very helpful.

Just take an assessment, choose a therapist from the recommended list, and voila, you can begin your therapy – because self-care is not selfish.

Available for iOS and Android.

While minimizing your social media usage can be tricky when trying to build a brand or business, these mental health apps can be the first step in developing new habits and adding more calm to your everyday life.

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