The Tale of Alexei Orlov and the Art of Specialization

The Tale of Alexei Orlov and the Art of Specialization

The story of Alexei Orlov and the art of specialization

from Adam

The beginning of our story begins at the end of 2016. Alexei Orlov was sitting with his colleagues in a boardroom in Florida. Among them CEOs and other influential C-suite members of several world-renowned agencies who together formed a global corporate marketing giant that served over 5,000 clients in more than 100 countries.

That day Alexie Orlov was far away. He stared quietly out of the boardroom window, looking for something different from any other CEO in the boardroom that day. Orlov’s colleagues focused on the day-to-day operations and upcoming tasks of the global corporate marketing giant. Each of them had a small personal piece of the massive company that they were solely responsible for to stay alive and thrive.

When Alexei Orlov was interviewed, he turned away from the window and back to the others in the boardroom. He whispered two simple words in a friendly but firm manner: “I’m bored.”

Orlov immediately began to choose his next statements very carefully. He continued, “I want to do my own thing.” Alexei’s then boss and CEO of this global power plant quickly reminded Alexei that it was the wrong time to think about leaving as they were in the midst of many overhaul changes and that he needed him to successfully support them.

“Look,” Orlov continued, “the world doesn’t need another huge marketing network like the one we have here.” A highly specialized branding and marketing network is required. This business doesn’t have to be another four, five, or six hundred billion dollar mammoth. Still, it will acquire specialized agencies and, due to our specialization, serve some of the best brands in the world. ”

The men at the conference table leaned toward Orlov, almost visibly curious, and asked him to explain more about what he meant by specialization. Alexei replied, “I just came across this thing called bread, and you gentlemen would like me to pass the secret ingredients on to the recipe that’s formulated in my head. Each of you must have gone a little crazy to believe that I’ll share it with you right away. “The gentlemen’s curiosity was still piqued, but Orlov left it completely unsatisfied when he got up from his chair with an excited smile and wrapped himself in the tailored suit coat that went perfectly with his shrewdly tapered trousers.

Alexei Orlov left that Florida boardroom and resigned from his highly esteemed position with the global corporate marketing giant that same day. But what was this specialized marketing empire that Alexei Orlov saw so clearly in front of those boardroom windows in the mild Florida afternoon sky? Alexei Orlov began to see the “moments that matter”. On that day Alexei began to formulate the concept for his new entrepreneurial adventure and his new company MTM. This is the end of the story, but the beginning of an extremely popular, much more exciting adventure story. Read on to find out where Alexei Orlov is going to take you now.

Alexei Orlov’s vision brought to life

In February 2017, Alexei Orlov had put together a war chest of 35 million US dollars with investor funding of 35 million US dollars and some of her own money. Then he set out to develop a strategy for a company that consisted of 8 to 10 highly diverse and highly specialized groups. He would acquire each of them based on what they offered to the world, what current growth phase each saw themselves in, and because Orlov could see where he could add value to them. Groups and companies that reached their peak did not interest Alexei Orlov and were not his main candidates for acquisition. Every company he acquired would be a startup or would only run for a short time. Each would also have a specialization and offering so unique that the ability to grow was a given.

MTM Choice specializes in waking its customers up for the “moments that matter”. The MTM is in the title of Alexei Orlov’s now three-year-old marketing newborn. In three years MTM has generated sales of $ 50 million. The offices are located in New York (LA), London and Shanghai (Milan). A new office will be opened in Singapore shortly in the middle of the pandemic. Alexei Orlov has 300 members from four very different and very specialized marketing and branding agencies that he has acquired. Together they serve over 250 customers all over the world.

The specializations within MTM

MTM currently hosts four separately acquired agencies. All agencies live in the PR, marketing and brand activation industries. All of them specialize in what they do so that everyone doesn’t compete with each other, which allows for a number of very healthy new partnerships when joining the MTM group. The agencies acquired have seen significant growth steps under the leadership of Alexei Orlov.

The full portfolio of agencies acquired by Alexei Orlov and MTM

Local projects

The platform for experience and media design


The video advertising solution

Syndicate Sub Rosa

The brand strategy and design practice


The PR agency

Alexei Orlov on customized customer communication

Alexei Orlov built MTM on the idea that brands need the most specialized branding and marketing efforts to effectively reach their target audience. Every day, Orlov embraces the larger ideals that MTM sets and uses similar, specific, and tailored communication tactics with his clientele. Ovlov spends much of his time talking to his client’s CEOs (Executive) and CMOs (Marketing). He knows these leaders expect him to provide cauterizing honesty with any communication given. To advise these brands strategically and with confidence, Orlov speaks to their executives with obvious honesty. However, the truth of every conversation must be clearly delivered to the ears of the particular leader who are currently hired.

Alexei Orlov works with a different leader each time, creating a special communication based on his audience. He could talk to the CMO of a brand in one way, while the same ideas he shares with their CEO might sound like an entirely different conversation to the untapped ear. CMOs generally don’t want to talk about network consolidation and cash flow or basic data. Still, Orlov will use all of this particular data to communicate with a CEO. For CMOs, it usually appeals to their creative sensibilities, while CEOs just want to understand how their brand message affects all of these operational data points.

Orlov has spent many years professionally deciphering and understanding the communication patterns of executives from all industries and parts of the world.

Generate positive fear in customers

Alexei believes that without a sense of positive fear, the chances are very small that the prospect will choose to meet with you. You want them to come into the room and take the opportunity to feel why your services are now necessary for their business. The customer needs to know that you can bring their brand to the highest possible level of visibility.

“These prospects are not the kind of business people who need any training from me. You don’t want a lecture; They want refreshment and new insights. You want a conversation and an anxious emotion or two in the process. It’s my job to make them feel that if they don’t stop at this moment and talk to you, they could lose an important opportunity that probably won’t be there in the morning. “

–Alexei Orlov on imparting positive fear

Specialization through technology

AIEQ is a proprietary technology currently being developed by Alexei Orlov and is already in use at MTM. The technology improves MTM agencies’ understanding of more important marketing ideas, especially cultural intelligence and social listening. AIEQ is based on an idea Orlow came up with at the beginning of MTM.

AIEQ supports marketing and branding professionals not in closing business deals with clients, but in building profitable, ongoing business relationships. AIEQ helps MTM professionals build and maintain long-term, intelligent business relationships, even grow and nurture, with every single brand that walks through the door.

When brands don’t have to specialize

Specialized brand-activating platforms are the alpha and omega of MTM. Most customers are looking for Alexei Orlov and MTM for exactly that. However, sometimes there are individual customers whose immediate goals tell MTM Specialists that that particular brand needs to grow beyond their current specialization in order to reach a broader customer demographics and expand their essential offerings. MTM prides itself on providing customers with the best specialized marketing in the industry. Still, Orlov also knows when a customer needs to go in the opposite direction, and he has shown this clearly in MTM’s work with a small finance firm called Goldman Sachs!

With MTM leading the rebranding initiatives, Goldman Sachs (GS) has become a more tangible investment option for the general public, available to every investor. Goldman’s goal was to broaden its offerings to become an accessible investment company and to easily stifle the elusive person of the investment giant, whose reputation and branding strategy had been promoted in the past. MTM has successfully made this expansion and brand development possible. Goldman Sachs still carried that elusive essence of the financial giant, but the rebranding opened its business to a much broader customer base and hugely increased its potential annual bottom line. MTM taught the world that it wasn’t necessary to have a million dollars in the bank before making a decision to invest in the almighty Goldman Sachs.

Alexei Orlov’s specialized path to success

Even as Goldman Sachs was expanding its target audience, the tools and strategies Orlov used wanted a large dose of specialization in order to successfully accomplish the feat. Alexei Orlov’s greatest gift could be his ability to decipher the specific path any brand needs to achieve their intended goal, while generating a long list of brand-activating and high-profile marketing profits in the process.

Our story ends here for now. But rest assured, Alexei Orlov will continue his great professional adventure. Regardless of the MTM customer involved or the size of the task at hand, Orlov will always find a unique way to be successful with each and every one of them by using his personally cultivated specialty brand.