The Business of Women’s Sports

The Business of Women's Sports

The women’s sport business

Three pointers, home run, touchdown: these are all popular sayings associated with the world of sports. By the time you read these words, you have likely linked them to the image of your favorite team ending the action. However, if you are like the majority of people, this favorite team is most likely all men. The inequality between women’s and men’s sports is an argument that has divided the sports world for decades. Everyone knows that women earn less than men, they know that women are treated worse than their male colleagues. And we somehow allow that to happen and in the women’s sport business we are okay with it.

However, with funding for all college-level women’s sports programs being $ 6 million under the single budget for a male college sports team, the differences become harder and harder to ignore. The argument that women shouldn’t earn as much as men is plausible because they don’t bring in as much sponsorship income as men. However, this argument is based on the assumption that women choose not to compete on TV shows as often. This answer couldn’t be further from the truth.

Studies show that women spend less than 4% of all media time devoted to exercise. Even if athletes wanted to extend their airtime, they wouldn’t have a chance. Lack of access to media is a major problem for women athletes and contributes to the inferior stereotype given to women athletes. We cannot try to justify these differences. Women athletes deserve to have access to the media and coverage they deserve. For this they need the support of their audience. Only if we show the broadcasters that we are ready and able to stand up for this cause will that change.

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