Target’s New Holiday Campaign Encourages Consumers to Find Meaning in the Simple Moments

Target’s New Holiday Campaign Encourages Consumers to Find Meaning in the Simple Moments

During a different Christmas season, Target is running a campaign aiming to make the most of every moment, preserving old traditions and finding new ways to celebrate from home. The campaign, released today, encourages viewers to take the vacation into their own hands in order to keep the joy of the vacation going.

“The holidays will be different for all of us this year. Our marketing campaign is about inspiring guests to celebrate beauty in simple moments of joy at home, ”says Rick Gomez, Chief Marketing, Digital and Strategy Officer at Target.

The spot is available in two versions, one in English and one in Spanish. The English show Mary J. Bliges hit “Real Love”, a song about promoting togetherness. The Spanish spot features a twist on the song by award-winning Latina artist Anitta. The campaign concept and production were handled by Mutter, while Essence managed media strategy and purchasing. The campaign will run across broadcast television, streaming platforms and digitally.

The advertisement shows scenes of families building gingerbread houses, dancing around while they decorate their tree, gather for dinner, and exchange meaningful gifts. The spot ends at a little New Year’s Eve party with the quote, “An end means a new beginning,” proof of consumer desire to step into a year of better health and higher spirits.

The ads – there are ten in all as part of the campaign – were shot with the safety of the featured actors in mind: any family or group of friends shown actually live together in real life.

Target’s holiday campaign is part of a larger effort to reach consumers this winter. According to a statement from Target, the retailer has slightly increased its marketing spend for the 2020 vacation, particularly to target the “multicultural guest”. Black Friday deals have been extended during the holiday season and all guests can enjoy same day pickup and delivery for the rest of the year.

Cross-industry brands are pursuing unique approaches to holiday advertising this year. Sam’s Club has reinterpreted its shopping experience by offering customers a virtual tour of the Griswold Family House with for sale Sam’s Club products. Taking a similar approach to Target, Neiman Marcus launched a campaign about the magic of the Christmas season, while JetBlue wanted to increase sales after a difficult year by launching early Christmas sales.

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