Social Spotlight: How Universal Standard commands the fashion space with inclusive content

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If you’re looking for a shining example of what inclusive branding looks like on social networks, few brands do it better than Universal Standard.

The brand lives up to its name, creating a new standard of clothing that encompasses more of the world, offers fashion freedom for everyone from size 00 to 40, and includes styles of different ages, races, body shapes and identities.

With a radically clear vision and a reputation for using social networks in innovative ways to attract audiences, Universal Standard is a treasure trove of social insights. The fashion retailer shows us a social strategy that is less calculated and more humane. Their inclusive branding, customer-centric content, and wider real-world impact are elements of their social presence that stand out and are deliberately highlighted.

Let’s analyze a few ways they show us this intent through social.

They form a strong, integrative unit

Inclusivity isn’t a topping-out ceremony that they include in their content schedule. One look at their social grid or feeds shows you that they are taking a holistic view of their social strategy and branding mission. Each contribution stands on its own as a statement as it constantly illuminates the different bodies and thoughts that embody their products.

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– Universal Standard (@universalstand) April 27, 2020

Where some brands shy away from direct, standout content, Universal Standard confidently walks through the doors other brands leave open, showing real people and real problems that reflect their brand values. The visual identity and voice are so clear that as you scroll through social networks, you’ll know when you’ve encountered a Universal Standard ad or post before reading the username.

Bring away: Any social marketer will tell you that putting together a strong social strategy is a methodical process. However, take the initiative to align your social strategy more closely with the overall mission of your company and watch your content begin to change. For Universal Standard, this results in a cohesive, high-performance unit of inclusion. What could a more closely coordinated, mission-focused approach for your brand look like?

You let people speak for themselves

Each brand has its own taste of brand promotion. As a brand that prioritizes inclusivity, it is important for Universal Standard to be able to show that inclusivity is not a surface-level message, but a value that runs through all levels of their business.

They manage this in a number of ways, including a video series titled “How Clothes Connect Us,” which highlights not only the diversity of demographics of their product, but also the actual ideas and feelings of customers that make the brand so what she is.

This personal level of content creates a specific balance between enlightenment and inspiration. Feel like learning more about the brand’s employees, the foundation for social connections. But you also feel energized for a new perspective in a long-standing industry. Every Universal Standard social post has comments praising the brand to make customers feel loved.

Bring away: The social marketing landscape has been full of conversations for years about how to centralize humanity in its endeavors. This shows up in a variety of ways, from promoting social adoption to highlighting posts to get to know the team, to producing entire series of videos that revolve around both team members and customers. If you’re not already leveraging some of these trends, evaluate your content strategy and prioritize the space (and production) for content so people can feel connected to your brand on all social networks.

They act outside of fashion

If you’ve gone this far, you’ll have a clear idea that this clothing retailer’s brand message affects more than just fashion.

The founders Polina Veksler and Alex Waldman say in their mission statement: “How can we bring all women together in a way that no one has had before? We wanted a size 40 to buy the same as a size 00 – with style as the only filter. ”

To make this change happen, the Universal Standard team often takes the opportunity to talk about the intersection between fashion integration and universal issues in people’s lives, such as: B. Mental health, self-esteem and equal access to quality products. And they often use social networks to get their message across.

What better way to not only get this message across but also capture it than to reach out to young people? The team recently published a children’s book called “What Would Fashion Look Like If It Included All Of Us”.

We dream of a world where clothes connect rather than share, everyone has access to clothes that work for them, and we are all kinder to ourselves, each other and the planet. So we made a children’s book to share this world with future generations – http: //

– Universal Standard (@universalstand) April 15, 2020

The campaign included a free digital version of the book and printable coloring pages to ensure that their message wasn’t hampered by lack of accessibility. They also shared readings with various public figures via Instagram Stories, a Shop The Book edit to purchase items in the illustrations, and a Meet the Illustrator interview, which underscores the brand’s philosophy of expanding its stage for everyone who create with them.

Bring away: Universal Standard is not afraid to step out of the spotlight in fashion to talk about the topics that their product and customers intersect with. The methods they use for this in social networks are even more successful. If your brand has a strong message, use social media to reinforce it. Don’t be afraid to experiment with how you want to communicate and have a wider impact.


Not only is this brand driving the future toward a more inclusive fashion retail landscape, but it is also setting a standard for how other brands with similar values ​​can use social media in thoughtful, deliberate ways to serve that mission and expand the reach of that change.