Social Media App WooPlus Takes Plus-Size Dating To Europe

Social Media App WooPlus Takes Plus-Size Dating To Europe

WooPlus, the most successful “curvy” dating app, recently announced that it has reached 5 million users worldwide and is launching the German language in the social media app to serve a growing user base in Europe.

The WooPlus platform was founded in 2015 and was developed to become the “curvy people dating app” to find love. In addition, the developers of the app wanted to create an inclusive lifestyle online environment in which users can feel attractive, confident and welcome.

WooPlus, the social media app for plus-size dating, initially rose north of 5 million users … [+] Operations in Germany.

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Since its inception, WooPlus has grown to more than 5 million members worldwide and continues to expand into Europe with its recent invasion of Germany. Like many social media and dating apps, WooPlus saw more aggressive growth during the Covid-19 pandemic. WooPlus internal statistics show an increase of more than 110% month to month in Europe during the lockdowns.

According to Neil Raman, founder and CEO of WooPlus, 71% of social media app users reported being body shameful on larger, more popular dating platforms. Raman adds that these complaints are pushing WooPlus to venture into new lands.

“It is natural for us to take this step,” says Raman. “We’re expanding our language offering to provide a more curated platform where curvy Germans feel free and confident to continue to cultivate lively connections, enjoy dating, and find the love they have.” to earn.”

WooPlus features include: “For You” recommendations that allow users to show their personality with a new profile layout; “Into You” insights to make real connections easier; Say hello allows users to reach out to someone hoping to chat right away. and Moments, a virtual community-like space where users can view posts from others around the world.

WooPlus is available in both the App Store and Google Play.