Social Media And Mental Health Services Meet For StudentsAt ‘Listeners On Call’

Social Media And Mental Health Services Meet For StudentsAt ‘Listeners On Call’

The operative word in the term “social media” is intended to be “social”, although the mass media and political elements of the phenomena often attract more attention. Because of this lack of focus, many young people engaged in social media need someone to talk to – especially during Covid-19.

A new social emotional support service tries anonymously to connect callers with real people who have been in the same situation and can relate to the problems associated with them. Listeners On Call platform and app is now partnering with American universities to provide mental health and wellbeing assistance to more than 140,000 students at discounted rates.

The new social media platform “Listener on Call” aims to connect problematic young people with people … [+] Listeners who have had similar experiences.

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Universities include Texas A&M, Syracuse, Purdue, and Vanderbilt. Your students can access subsidized, low-cost “listener” calls with trained individuals who are able to address their particular problems. The partnership between Listeners on Call, university administrations, and their student body presidents is designed to support the mental health of students and reduce the stigma associated with seeking support.

The joint effort is a direct response to this unusual, coronavirus-marked school year and provides support for young people traveling in an unprecedented back-to-school period. Common topics covered by Listeners on Call can include college stress, social isolation from quarantine, rigor in distance learning, or racial issues.

The service isn’t just for students. Anyone in need of an informed ear can call, from mothers dealing with quarantined children at home to someone struggling with a diet to those suffering from job loss or other stresses .

“Listeners on Call” makes every effort to keep calls affordable. Calls cost $ 0.50 per minute. The site’s organizers say the average call should cost around $ 10 to $ 20 in total.