Scaling E-commerce Brands by leveraging on Topical content

Scaling E-commerce Brands by leveraging on Topical content

Popular events play a huge role in raising consumer awareness. Brands need to understand how to use the current season to move forward maximum growth.

Why do brands need to use up-to-date content?

  1. Create the top of the funnel: With video and image adsHaving engaging campaigns for these events can help build a huge Top of the Funnel audience. These audiences are the most likely to convert when they are re-marketed, which reduces the CAC.
  2. Build brand resonance: With massive audience numbers and followers, current events enable subtle brand placements to build brand resonance in the masses. By effectively using social media features like surveys, quizzes, and AR filters, brands can build a strong response to their brand message.
  3. Low and affordable advertising costs: Low and affordable advertising costs enable even SMEs and MSMEs to take part in such a mega-event through advertising.

Now that we know why it’s important to take advantage of the season, let’s take a look at some of the current events brands can take advantage of this year

Important events & topics in 2021

  • The 2021 Olympics: With a massive Indian audience of 5.6 million (Source: Brand Equity, 2020), the Olympics are a great event for brands to capitalize on. Brands can take advantage of key highlights from the games, the opening and closing ceremonies, and even star athletes from the tournaments.
  • T20 world championship– India is a nation where cricket is nothing less than a religion. The start is planned for October 2021. Brands can convey content from top players like Virat, Dhoni, Rashid, etc., team-specific conversations and constant highlights about your offerings during the games.
  • UEFA EURO 2020: Scheduled between June 11th and July 11th 2021, brands can focus on relevant engagement-focused activities like quizzes, surveys and competitions related to the games, winning moments and even base their communication on team players.
  • Other events: Brands can also watch non-sporting events that are very popular in India. For example, last year 18% of Indian consumers were busy with the reality TV show Big Boss and 9% of them enjoyed the Femina Miss India event.

(Source: Facebook & InMobi, 2020). Focusing on these events can allow brands to push their audiences down the marketing funnel that ultimately leads to conversions.

  • The festive season: In addition, brands can take advantage of the upcoming 4-month holiday season, which runs from Diwali to Christmas. These festivals create a positive mood for businesses as the consumer buying process enables a new way of online shopping and supports online shopping sites. Some shopping categories that usually dominate this season are apparel, home appliances, gadgets, home textiles and gift boxes.

Let’s take a look at some of the major platforms and ad formats businesses can use sell online and increase sales.

Take advantage of Disney + Hotstar

In 2020, Disney + Hotstar was able to scale a total of 86.8 million paying subscribers, 30% of which are from India (Brand Equity, 2020).

  • Brands can now focus on creating short videos in the form of pre-roll and mid-roll ads and streaming them before and during the latest content to increase awareness of their products. Marketers can then take advantage of those audiences’ intent and re-market them to increase sales.
  • Remarketing for these audiences during the reflection phase is fruitful for the brands, as the audiences who saw the videos would already show an inclination towards the brand.

Use Facebook:

  • Your branded content can revolve around the top players and teams who can drive engagement by doing this to build an audience and retarget that engaged audience to drive sales
  • Make use of various short and catchy creative formats Facebook to push your fast moving products like short videos, gifs, thumb stoppers, instant experiences, etc that grab attention. Create different audience clusters and market them accordingly.

Use Instagram:

  • On InstagramVideo scripts for influencers can drive sales alongside brand integration with unique coupon codes or exclusive offers during the current season. This would add credibility and value to the brand and thus push your audience into the viewing plane of the funnel.
  • Engagements lead to brand awareness and ultimately to conversions. So make sure to keep content as engaging as possible by using different formats like contests, questions and answers, quizzes and polls on the current topic, take advantage of cashback offers to make participation more attractive to your audience and win exciting prices. For example: conduct a survey with 2 products “this or that” with a swipe-up link to the offers or announce winners / offers by tapping to reveal stickers.

Use YouTube

  • Behind the scenes content, highlights, key moment videos of the events are popular videos with extremely high audience retention rates. Use this Youtube could give the brand more visibility.
  • TrueView in-stream ads are one of the well-known heroes in video formats. The different lengths of the advertisements (e.g. communication strategy with 10, 20 and 40 advertising messages) kept engagement, prevented creative fatigue and ensured that higher CTRs.

Use Twitter

  • Twitter is most important to leverage moment marketing content. These Twitter moments can include news, entertainment, or even fun topics. For example, brands that target the Superbowl performance 2020 2020.
  • Creating Twitter campaigns with a mix of statics, gifs, and relevant hashtags can be fruitful for brands to increase brand awareness and ultimately increase sales.
  • Brands can also focus on the “website clicks” or “conversions” goal that Twitter needs to deliver to drive sales.

Get creative with the formats

Playable ads: It provides an interactive preview of the app with playable ads, creating an immersive experience and engaging the audience.

3D vortex: 3D Swirl is an immersive ad format that runs in Google Ad Manager. Swirl Ads enable the user to have an immersive experience by allowing users to rotate, zoom in, and expand their creativity.

Flip book: Flipbook Ad is an outstream video format for the mobile web. It offers the audience an interactive experience. The video played in a flipbook display is paused and played according to the viewer’s scrolling movement.

– Branded content ads: Branded content ads are ads in which the YouTubers on Instagram can enable business partners to promote their contribution or story and turn their content into an ad. The ads can be served through the ad manager.

Case study – boAt

Create an integrated digital marketing strategy for boAt during the current event -IPL:

main goal– To increase brand and ad recall.

Our strategy

Using the video sequencing on YouTube, our team was able to re-target the audiences who looked at the video in the first sequence to view the next one, and so on. We used catchy GIFs on the Google Display Network to serve ads for maximum clicks that were directed to the Amazon product page to drive sales. With the help of YouTube Trueview for Reach, we wanted to reach as many users as possible over time.

Main results

Through our strategy and implementation, we were able to generate over 44.4 million impressions, an increase in product lift by 15.5%, a reduction in cost-per-click by 59%, more than 3.9 lakh clicks and an increase in brand interest by Achieve 158.7%.


By doing E-commerce Brands have immense potential in the industry to gain visibility through current articles. You need to use the same for awareness, reach, recall, and conversions. Using relevant platforms with creative ad formats in their strategies would help brands get a 360 ° understanding of their campaigns to gauge the impact on growth and sales.