Podcast Ep 46 : Why e-portfolios are now the essential part of Indian education system?


Be inspired by a conversation with Jai Eapen, founder and CEO of BriteCamp

“Stay creative, let your talent speak for you” – Jai Eapen

Jai Eapen is the founder and CEO of BriteCamp. A self starter who believes in being grounded with principles as he takes these small steps to achieve those big goals. An executor aiming to stabilize the industry to take big leaps and achieve the big bold goals. A highly committed person who views problems as challenges rather than threats. He believes in spending time figuring out the solution rather than spending energy discussing the problem.

BriteCamp: Help discover your talents and the world will recognize them.

BriteCamp is a tech-enabled talent discovery platform available on Android and iOS that helps uncover the talent of students outside of academia. This tool is used to discover the student’s talent by creating an e-portfolio that will help them record their insights and achievements. It is a platform that enables organizations and larger institutions to perform student demographic talent mapping. This is an important factor from a political and decision-making perspective. The talent that is discovered at various levels in areas such as sports, the performing arts, and creative arts helps teachers and parents, at the right age, provide the right kind of encouragement to ensure the student is able to perform their respective Pursue interests and passions.

A brief discussion of the conversation

The conversation began with the whereabouts and the structure of the idea of ​​Jai Eapens company BriteCamp. It’s an online one Marketplace for students where they can showcase their crafts by displaying a picture of the subject they were working on. It also helps bring together students from all over the world to share their ideas while developing different skills. It serves as a platform for students to sell and present their creative work. The main motive behind the company’s existence is to bring out the best in each individual and to be at the center of where those talents can be discovered by the world. By 2020, when the world can no longer be called normal, the company skipped its reach and developed a new segment called “E-Portfolio” for children, where all achievements and insights are recorded in a digital format with various stakeholders such as teachers , Parents, schools and universities shared to show a wider range of caliber and talent of students, aside from academics.

As the conversation progressed, Jai expressed his thoughts on the ideology behind the correct age to enroll in this program and how it was put into practice from mere thought. He believes that at a young age, already in the 2nd or 3rd grade, this system would be very fair. The main goal is to record and track a student’s learning outcomes over a period of time.

This helps in a better understanding of a student’s interests and passions on a trench scale.

“All students are talented and gifted in one way or another.”

Understanding these talents and helping them reach greater heights is the power that drives this company.

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