Podcast Ep 45: How to plan your market research & peer reviews becoming an essential business growth mirror?

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“Market research confirms the opinions we already had” – Chris Perrine.

Chris Perrine is a seasoned leader and entrepreneur in the Asia Pacific region with a strong background in diverse areas such as general management, sales, marketing and business development. He is a seasoned person who helps companies start and expand in regions around the world, in addition to being an entrepreneur, co-founder of Springboard Research and successfully leaving the company through the sale to Forrester. He has extensive experience in global management and growth, as well as a passion to improvise and move forward.

G2- your decision-making tool to reach the business peak.

G2 is the world’s leading platform for B2B software services and product reviews. As technology, services, and products have increased, it has become even more difficult to select the right business software or services due to risky and inherently biased reviews across the marketplace. Now, with G2’s real, verified user reviews platform, you can choose what is best for your business. Eliminate the clutter, limit your risk, and focus on what works. It is a platform to share business software reviews in real time. It encourages companies to make better decisions by leveraging 425,000+ user reviews in the database. It is a tool used by multiple business people, buyers, investors, and analysts to select the best software and services based on peer reviews and synthesized social data.

A representation of an insightful conversation.

Speaking with Chris Perrine brought us some insight into how his company Springboard Research was born, a next generation market research and consulting firm built on the idea of ​​making research more affordable, faster and helping companies around the world make better decisions . The company was later acquired by Forrester, another research giant that we happened to meet. This was part of the plan for Springboard’s future.

Strategy & importance of market research

Before starting or starting a business, a plan must always be drawn up. An overview for your company from start to finish. The strategy has always been to identify the weak points in market research and think passionately. Market research goes deeper into the roots of starting a business. According to Chris “With any plan, research is key to that plan.”As noted by Chris, there are many types of planning that require companies to check their hands and opinions in areas such as market, strategy, and expansion planning. Chris believes that market research goes a long way in extracting information from all of the target markets to give you some confidence to go ahead with your plan. The best part of the research, as stated by Chris, is when the data shows the opposite of what we envisioned, critical thinking is taken into account, and this produces the best results.

“With this data you can design the roadmap for your plan.”

Many companies start out with extensive research, but over time that concept begins to fade and this is where the value lies. Third-party research happens to be an independent source of information that challenges your mindset. That’s a good thing, because different opinions are thought-provoking and provide a clearer picture for decision-making.

“The continuous use of research is where companies aren’t getting it right.”

Make these informed decisions.

Decisions are what make or break companies. In order to decide what is best for the company, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of what you want and what to expect from it. As explained by Chris, we should be looking for all the different types of content, opinions and expertise that was brilliantly explained in the podcast. In this advancing world, one Google search yields millions of results, but what you are really looking for is lost in the pure results. As Chris pointed out in connection with this, having experts by your side doesn’t always mean that this is the best solution.

“Be curious, go out and look for different kinds of insights.”

Separation of substance

As the podcast ended, like any other podcast, the speaker shares some precious words of wisdom and this was no exception. Chris admires a quote from George S. Patton that reads, “A good plan that is aggressively executed now is far better than a perfect plan that is executed next week.” During his business trip, he helps him get the most of himself Making decisions. You always have to make decisions, you always have to make plans, if you try to do it perfectly you often miss the opportunity. We have to act quickly and penetrate these areas, gain more experience. And ultimately get better in companies with these experiences.

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