Podcast Ep 44: How Dineout is providing its users with seamless table booking experience?

Podcast Ep 44: How Dineout is providing its users with seamless table booking experience?

All ears for the exclusive podcast with Vivek Kapoor, co-founder at Dineout

About the guest

Vivek Kapoor is one of the co-founders of Dineout who is responsible for Dineout’s multi-dimensional expansion in India and abroad. He focuses on building valuable relationships with all of his partner customers by keeping his ears close to the ground, which makes it easy for him to think ahead.

He wears a variety of hats, from running the business to international expansion and sales. The trait “people” makes him able to get things rolling! He has over 10 years of sailing experience with British Petroleum making him a master at handling multiple operations. Dineout – India’s premier table reservations platform – has decided to leave a prosperous career at Merchant Navy to start his own successful business and makes him an avid risk taker.

about the company

to eat out is India’s largest dining platform, as is popularly known! However, most of us outside of the restaurant industry are unaware that we are also leaders in technical solutions for restaurants. The platform is currently offered in more than 20 cities with more than 50,000 partner restaurants, more than 40 million diners and collective savings of more than $ 100 million on restaurant bills per year.

The core of the discussion

In this podcast episode with Vivek, we had the opportunity to discuss Dineout’s journey, how the business goals evolved, how the focus of business shifted from B2C to B2B, the dynamism with which executives are developing the product while keeping business needs in mind is the business impact due to the unprecedented pandemic, food stalls, future plans for Dineout, and more.

The trip

“In 2012, table reservation was a concept that was less practiced by most restaurants in India. With Dineout, we tried to change the behavior of guests and restaurants. In these years we have developed into India’s largest platform for restaurants, ”explains Vivek.

Eventually, the brand innovated in providing direct bill payment options that rose Dineout as a complete restaurant platform – from helping diners explore restaurants, reserving a table, paying digitally, and later providing feedback .

In 2015, Dineout acquired Inresto with a vision to help restaurants achieve operational excellence. Over the years, our team has introduced many modules under the Inresto suite to meet the needs of the industry.

Impact of the pandemic on business

We all know 2020 was bad for the economy. However, three industries had the maximum impact – F&B, hotel, and aviation. And even in the midst of the lockdown, the restaurants had little hope of becoming “normal” again with the activation. There has been a lot of speculation about the new way of eating, such as: B. the limitation of passengers in the restaurant, the appropriate distance between the tables and regular hygiene audits.

During this time, Dineout introduced the concept of the contactless dining experience, which would enable restaurants to improve sales by making diners more comfortable while eating.

Vivek talks about how innovation is the key to success. Dineout is committed to developing the suite of products to meet the needs of the industry. This has helped the company grow during the challenging times of the pandemic.
As it stands to most Dineout users, the platform actually has deeper roots in solving problems for restaurants, as Vivek notes. “Dineout is like this iceberg. So many of us are underwater. ” Dineout buckled up as soon as the pandemic broke out and began developing products that would make it easy for restaurants to keep business going in the Covid times. Dineout has launched a complete contactless restaurant solution.


In addition to providing all technology-driven solutions, Dineout has enabled restaurants with direct reservations and orders without relying on aggregators, adding more revenue-generating options.

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About the host

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