Pinterest Integrates With Microsoft Edge Browser

Pinterest Integrates With Microsoft Edge Browser

Pinterest has been built into the Microsoft Edge browser so users can sign in and view Pins relevant to their Microsoft collections, as well as export their collections to new boards on Pinterest.

Liat Ben-Zur, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, wrote in a blog post: “First, add items to your collection. When this option is checked, the suggested pens for your collection appear at the bottom of the Collections pane. You can easily add these suggestions to your existing collection or export your collection to a new forum on Pinterest. “

On a Pinterest blog post, she added, “We believe people should expect more from their browser. I love using Pinterest suggestions in Microsoft Edge to discover content that inspires me for the holidays. From planning Christmas parties to collecting food recipes to making my gift shopping list, Microsoft Edge + Pinterest can help anyone find fun and creative projects to help you stand out. “