News That Jeff Bezos Will Step Down Blowing Up On Social Media

News That Jeff Bezos Will Step Down Blowing Up On Social Media

NEW DELHI, INDIA – JANUARY 16: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos at Amazon’s annual Smbhav event at Jawahar … [+] Lal Nehru Stadium on January 16, 2020 in New Delhi, India. (Photo by Pradeep Gaur / Mint via Getty Images)

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Within minutes of news that Jeff Bezos would step down as CEO and move to the Executive Chair later that year, social media was inundated with responses. These ranged from serious to gloomy to silly, but it turns out that if the richest man in the world takes such a step, he’ll be trending on Twitter.

Good sense of humor

Emmy Award-winning television journalist Todd McDermott (@wpbf_todd) managed to share the news with a bit of humor: “But Bezos * will keep his Amazon Prime membership.”

Nick Henderson (@that_nick) found humor at the moment and tweeted, “Still a chance Jeff Bezos will return to Amazon HQ within 28 days in an overly large box with a prepaid postage label on his forehead. #JeffBezos”

@ JulianDutton1 poked fun at what Bezos could do next, writing, “I just heard the terrible news that #JeffBezos is leaving Amazon. I set up a #gofundme page to help him through this devastating episode. Tomorrow I’ll run to John o’Groats. We’re with you, Jeff. #IStandWithJeffBezos “

JSVilliers (@JSVilliers) was among those who reigned the Amazon founder as a James Bond villain with a photo of actor Telly Savalis from the film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. ”

User @charlie_skeels took a different direction in the super villain category and suggested “Getting Lex Luther Vibes #JeffBezos” in response to the fact that the Bezos could have a little more free time in the coming days.

To the serious

Then there were many who wondered what the news could mean for Amazon, but so did the retail giant’s employees. @ jayfeather31 suggested, “This is going to have an economic impact and one wonders what path #Amazon will take with # JeffBezos’ departure from CEO. In any case, I hope his successor will treat the company’s employees better as he.”

@ JENFL23 added, “Well, now it’s time to fully unite Amazon.”

Some users on Twitter asked if Bezos’ decision had anything to do with calls from some lawmakers to tax those with extreme wealth in the country. @ ajm510 posted, “Why can’t I stop thinking this is somehow related to @SenWarren?”

Response to response

Such varied responses on social media are no surprise given the history of Amazon.

“Jeff Bezos forever changed the way the world shops,” said Jehan Hamedi, CEO of visual intelligence company Vizit.

“Its impact has given companies the opportunity to develop the next generation of e-commerce technology, and while the news of its departure was shocked and surprised, the members of the innovation community are thrilled to see Andy Jassy take the helm” he added Hamedi.

“It’s an interesting move for Bezos, both personally and strategically. In the first case, he should have the time and energy to pursue his other interests, enter new markets, and build a legacy that is likely to be true once he’s in.” Age 57 from Amazon reverberates decades after Bezos’s death, ”explained technology analyst Charles King of Pund-IT.

“In the latter case, Bezos leaves Amazon in fantastic shape and mostly shoots all cylinders,” said King. “Given Jassey’s success at AWS, the transitions should be as smooth as anyone can hope for.”

Break out before setting out

The time to move comes also as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have warned that tech companies have gotten too big and too powerful. The social evidence that Bezos is a Bond villain could surely resonate with many.

“Bezos is also leaving the office, just as Amazon and other tech titans including Facebook, Twitter and Apple are likely to grapple with increasing antitrust scrutiny. If Bezos leaves now, he should be able to avoid being the overly public face of.” Amazon during the potentially strained and high profile hearings in Congress, “said King.” On the other hand, I’m sure he will turn himself on from some sort of massive yacht, private island, or fortress from Jeffitude that will occasionally become the richest person in the world, or even one self-confident Bond villain suits. “