New! Instagram Creator Profiles Can Now Access More Later Features

New! Instagram Creator Profiles Can Now Access More Later Features

Exciting news! Instagram Creator profiles can now access a variety of additional later features.

From now on, creators can use the later ones Best time to post, Collect, conversations, and Analytics Features – so far only available in Instagram Business Profiles.

Get more engagement on your posts, collect content, reply to comments, and track your Instagram performance – all with Later!

Instagram influencer marketing is big and getting bigger – in fact according to AdAge North America currently accounts for at least $ 2 billion in annual marketing spend.

So it was no surprise when Instagram announced the launch of a new profile created specifically for their MVPs: Instagram Influencers and Content Creators.

That’s why we wanted to give the developers access to the tools to grow your community, build your brand, and get more engagement with your Instagram content!

Wondering if you should switch to a creator profile? Check out our blog entry to see if it’s right for you.

This post will tell you about the later features that are now available to creators and how you can use them to build your Instagram presence.

Discover your best booking times

Do you want to get more engagement and better results on Instagram? You need to post at the right time.

With different time zones and different target groups, however, the perfect publication time is not one size fits all. Don’t worry, Later’s Best Time to Post is here to help.

Best time to post

Get more eyes on your content with optimized booking times tailored to your account.

Based on your post analysis, Best Time to Post calculates up to 7 weekly time slots when your Instagram audience is most active. We take the guesswork out of your booking plan.

Knowing your optimized times can make a real change in your Instagram strategy. Posting when your target audience is most active leads to higher engagement – which means you can build bigger and better brand partnerships!

Engage with your audience

Do you want to build a community on Instagram? Establishing a two-way conversation with your followers is key, but keeping track of comments is time consuming.

This is where the “Later Conversations” function comes in.


Now available for creator profiles, conversations makes it easy to manage your Instagram comments. Read, remove and reply to comments on your posts all at once from the later web app – at a time that suits you.

With Conversations, you can manage your Instagram comments in three ways:

  • Inbox view: See the latest comments on all of your posts
  • Post View: Browse all comments broken down by post
  • User View: Read any comments filtered by Instagram user

However you choose to keep track of your comments, Conversations makes it easy to engage with your most engaged followers.

The new creator functions of Later

Track your performance

If you want more followers and engagement on Instagram, checking your stats is a top priority. Starting today, creator profiles can access Later’s Instagram analytics.

Track your Instagram performance, drive traffic to your website, and boost your social media strategy with reliable insights.

Instagram Analytics

See what content works for you on Instagram so you can do more of it and improve your pitch for brands!

Review detailed analytics, including follower growth, impressions, and reach over the past 3 months. Discover your top performing posts and determine what resonates with your audience.

Do you need to share your stats with others? Generate in-depth analytics so you can report to brands and employees on individual campaigns and posts, as well as your entire account.

And good news – Analytics are available on all future plans, including our free plan!

Find and share user-generated content

Finding and scheduling user-generated content is easy with Later. Creators can now access the full range of our media collecting tools, including hashtag searches, mentions, and tags.

Browse and save the content in your media library, then schedule it right on your feed with just a few clicks.

Search by hashtag

Checking into your branded hashtag, running a giveaway, or searching for content tied to a specific topic?

Search by hashtag helps you find posts shared with a specific hashtag. It doesn’t matter whether the hashtag is in the caption or in the comments. You can still browse the content and add it to your media library.

later new creator functions

Look for mentions and tags

View and save content where other Instagram users tag you. Whether you were flagged in the post or mentioned in a caption, you can view it later and save it right to your media library for planning.

Instagram is all about connection. So reposting content from your biggest fans is a great way to add variety to your feed and to celebrate your audience.

Start building with later

If you’re an influencer or a content creator, switching to a creator profile is one of the easiest ways to improve your Instagram game.

And combined with all of the tools and features of Later designed to help you get more engagement, build a stronger community and develop strategies for the future – 2021 could be your year of massive growth!

Are you ready to improve your Instagram strategy? Sign in to Later now for access, or sign in to take advantage of all of these features available to future users with Instagram Creator profiles.

Please note that access to these features depends on your pricing plan. Check out ours Price page to find the perfect plan for you.

Written by

Matt Smith

Matt has set up a few startups and is also a co-founder of Later where he leads marketing, growth and customer experience. In previous companies, he led product, engineering and growth teams. You can follow @mattfromlater on Instagram or Twitter