Nathaniel Mell, Felt and Fat CEO, Gives Entrepreneurial Insight on Why Instagram Advertising and Arts Marketing are a Perfect Brand Building Combination

Nathaniel Mell, Felt and Fat CEO, Gives Entrepreneurial Insight on Why Instagram Advertising and Arts Marketing are a Perfect Brand Building Combination

Nathaniel Mell, CEO of Felt and Fat, shares an entrepreneurial insight into the reasons Instagram advertising and art marketing are a perfect combination for branding

For many arts organizations, building a visual brand is critical in order to gain following, customer loyalty, and growing the business. Because of its audience accessibility and budget-friendly platform, Instagram advertising can be an ideal marketing option within the arts. It is common to see art organizations on Instagram as the online social media site embraces and promotes the visual aspects of performances. Art organizations can expand the reach of their Instagram account through Instagram advertising to attract new followers and customers for exhibitions and fresh art.

Nathaniel Mell, CEO of Felt and Fat, is a big believer in Instagram advertising and art marketing. It has helped him dramatically in building his brand and attracting loyal customers to his ceramic design and manufacturing studio. His art firm caters to both professionals and home chefs, which is why Instagram has been so beneficial for him in reaching both types of audiences. Currently, Felt and Fat has worked with over 100 restaurants worldwide and produces over 30,000 pieces each year. As a successful artist and entrepreneur, Mell shares why Instagram advertising and art marketing are the perfect combination for any art organization.

Create ads with ease

One of the main advantages of Instagram advertising is that, as the saying goes, you can kill two birds with one stone. Instagram ads can be linked directly to a Facebook account. This way, when creating an ad on Instagram, you can also post to Facebook without the hassle of switching back and forth between the two platforms or having to do the action twice.

Create continuous opportunity

There are thousands of stories of companies connecting with each other, sparking paid partnerships, and so many positive outcomes from an Instagram message. Any organization showing their work on Instagram will keep increasing the opportunities for their business as the social media platform grows too. There are over 140 million users on Instagram in the US alone, and that number continues to grow.

See Ad Engagement Feedback

The nice thing about Instagram ads is that the ad manager gives you the ability to target the audience the ad is intended for, so that it is guaranteed to appear in front of that particular user. Engagement on social media platforms is already higher than other advertising opportunities, so changing a company’s ad to display to the right person or a future loyal customer is excellent.

More than one way to display art

For art organizations, Instagram is an extremely versatile platform for different types of creative designs. Photo ads are the standard ad form on Instagram and can tell the story behind a brand through a simplified canvas ad. Video ads can further engage viewers as they combine sound with image and movement to further indicate a brand’s purpose. Carousel Ads, Slideshow Ads, Collection Ads, and Stories are great for showcasing or teasing a new art exhibition or line of collections that a company is selling on their ecommerce website. These displays also include the option of an “More Info” button that takes the user straight to information about an art exhibition event, or a “Shop Now” button that easily guides viewers to works of art that are on display at a E-commerce platform for sale.

About Nate Mell

Nate Mell is the founder and CEO of Felt + Fat, a ceramic design and manufacture studio in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. In 2013, Mell was asked to design a series of plates for the award-winning High Street on Market restaurant. Since then, through Mell’s leadership, the Felt and Fat studio and team have grown exponentially and have become a preferred manufacturer for design-conscious restaurateurs.