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contact us page tips

A visitor visits your website and wants to speak to you. What is this person starting to look for?

Your contact page.

It is a page on your website that drives visitors from the browser to the buyer.

Contact pages are one of the least used and misunderstood resources on the web today.

Some companies don’t use them at all, and those who do often push these critical pages to the background on website revision projects.

That stops today.

I’m going to post a step-by-step plan that you can follow to strategize and revamp this simple website. And I will use lots of examples to encourage your creativity.

Let’s start.

What is a contact page?

Think of a contact page as a kind of digital business card. Sure, it’s short and to the point. If someone wants to reach out to you, they use this page to do so.

Contact pages are often confused with other important website resources, including:

  • About us Pages: Use this resource to explain your company’s history, goals, and direction. If someone wants to know how you got to be a leader in your field, the data is ready to go.
  • Help pages: Customers with critical product or service questions will use this page for their answers.
  • Employment Pages: Job seekers need private, sheltered spaces to learn more about open opportunities.

A contact page is different because you tell people more about how to get in touch with you.

Your page should also embody your brand and make them click. If your contact page is the dullest on your website, you are not alone. The best contact pages have some value propositions, even if they don’t have a lot of text.

Do you need a contact page?

A contact page cannot be skipped because it is a signal of trust. Share location information and tag your phone number and email address. They show cautious consumers that they can reach you anytime.

Trust and transparency are important in marketing. Contact pages start the process.

Five important elements of the contact page

They know you need a contact page. However, you have no idea what to put on the page. Get past writer’s block and follow this recipe for success.

A converting contact page contains the following important elements:

  1. Your company name: Don’t get around the bush. Use your full company name.
  2. Your physical address: This can be difficult for companies with multiple locations. Cards often solve the problem (and more on that in a minute). If you only share one address, use the address assigned to your corporate office.
  3. A map of your location: Google Maps is an immense power for marketers. When customers know where you are even while looking at a mobile device, your conversion rates can skyrocket. Increase this performance by adding a Google Map to your contact page.
  4. Your contact information: Provide a phone number, email address, and a quick data collection form. Customers need many calls to action. Fight spam with a CAPTCHA as well.
  5. Links to relevant pages: If you know customers have product questions, bring them up on your help page. If you have a lot of job seekers, highlight this job page.

Don’t be tempted to clutter the page with more details and data. Use this list to keep things clean and streamlined.

Create the perfect contact form

If you’re looking for a way to streamline customer conversations, forms are key. If you create forms correctly, routing questions is a breeze.

Your form can contain several fields including:

  • Surname
  • place
  • Current customer (Y / N)
  • question
  • Email-address
  • Phone number

You might be tempted to add all of these fields to your form. The more data you have the better, right?

Not always.

When customers are faced with a sea of ​​questions, they tend to click away. Form completion rates and fields added are inversely related.

Only ask critical questions to keep these conversion rates going and deliver an exceptional user experience.

10 Exceptional contact page Examples

I’ve talked a lot about what should and shouldn’t be on a contact page.

These ten companies have lessons that anyone can apply.

Streamlined and simple: Scorpion

Scorpion provides law firms, hospitals, franchises, and more internet marketing services. The company shows robust design skills on all other websites. But this one is remarkable in its simplicity.

Customers answer a simple question with a dropdown. She forwards the answer to an appropriate secondary form.

Scorpion Contact Us Page Sample

Customers can also skip the hassle of forms altogether, call the number in the top right corner of the screen, or visit one of the three locations listed at the bottom of the page.

Brand promise first: BarkBox

A happy dog ​​subscription service should have a dog photo on a contact page. And that dog should look happy. BarkBox has that item covered.

barkbox Contact Us Page Example

Customers have three different contact options, which can be found below this large picture. You can search for frequently asked questions, start a live chat, or send an email. It’s a simple, streamlined interface for busy dog ​​lovers.

Personality Plus: Kick Point

This Canadian marketing firm launches the About Us page on a chatty, chatty tone.

Keep scrolling and that smart voice keeps talking. By the time you get to the bottom of this page you will know exactly how these people speak and write.

Kick Point Contact Us Page SampleAnother Kick Point Contact Us Page Example

Cleverness does not hinder clear communication. Get the company’s address, email address, phone number, and more.

Crisis Communication: Powell’s Books

Powell’s puts customer communication at the heart of this contact page. Timely content about delays in shipping comes first. Keep scrolling and you will be directed to email addresses and phone numbers.

Example of a contact page from powellPowell books contact us on the Example page

Typically, converting contact pages is short. However, you can break the rules if the unexpected happens.

Arrest Graphic: Parker Lee

People hire Parker Lee to design their logos, websites, and other branding elements. He uses those skills to work on this visually appealing contact page. The page starts with a branding statement, but scrolling is a breeze.

Parker Lee Contact Us Page SampleParker Lee Contact Us Sample Map Page

A simple form with just four fields appears, and a clever card rounds off the page.

Shapes do the hard work: Six Leaf Design

This company emphasizes the sale on this contact page. A three-field form with a tiny multiple-choice quiz offers potential customers a price quote.

sixleaf Contact Us Page Example

A blue button for anxious customers leads directly to a 20-minute consultation. For companies that want to highlight lead generation, this is a smart model.

Friendly faces: Byte

Who will customers speak to when they contact? Byte answers this question with photos of real customer service reps ready to answer questions.

Byte contact page example

Choose from multiple contact formats including text, email, Facebook message, and email. All of this data is optimized so that the page is surrounded by spaces.

Product photography: Fresh

Frisch offers dinner set delivery services, and a tempting product takes up about half of that contact page. Putting the product first can help get customers into making a purchase.

Contact us fresh page sample

The contact box is the clever piece. Customers can chat, call, text, or jump to email.

This is a simple, easy-to-use interface that puts the product first.

Multi-location championship: Wendy’s

How do you deal with inquiries when customers have dozens of locations to choose from? Wendy’s addresses this question with a “Find Wendy’s” button at the top of the page.

Wendy contacted us on page sample

Customers with questions can text or call a number shown in large black text. It’s almost impossible to miss. A clever short form rounds off the page.

In a nutshell: my own

I used best practices on the contact page of my website. I use a drop-down menu to direct questions and ask customers to fill in only three fields.

I keep the branding light on this page, but the colors remind my guests that they are still on my website.

Neil Patel Contact Us Page Sample

I also link to relevant social media sites to follow me through these platforms. My contact form for advice on digital marketing is similar. In a nutshell, with exactly the information I need to know.

Contact page Do’s and Don’ts

We went through some examples of converted pages. And we’ve shared some tips that you can use right now.

But there is more to learn.

As you work on your contact us page, make sure that:

  • Be a good journalist. Put the important thing first. Your visitors are there to connect with you. Make these options easy to find and deliver an exceptional user experience. Save the rest for the last.
  • Promote your site like a pro. Include a link to your page in your email signature and associate it with your social media accounts. Make sure customers know you’re interested in connecting.
  • Link to your page. Customers look for contact links in the upper right corner of a page. Make sure that every page on your site connects to this critical page.

Before you publish your contact us page, avoid:

  • Cluttered design. Don’t fill the space with tons of graphics, jokes, or blocks of text. Respect what you want your consumers to do – contact you.
  • Superconscious. Use A / B testing to find the design your clients want. Don’t be too confident about your design skills – you might be surprised what works!
  • A desktop-first mentality. Test your website on mobile devices. Try the form fields. Many customers will visit you on the way. Make sure their experience is good.

It takes time to create a contact page that will be converted. Don’t be afraid to slow down, test, and get back to the drawing board. You can’t afford to make mistakes on such an important part of your website.


Your contact page is one of the most important elements on your website. People go here when they want to reach you. Make this communication as quick and painless as possible.

Publish with confidence and watch these conversion rates. If you don’t see the answer you want, change it!

With experimentation and vigilance, you can develop the right contact page that is right for your customers, your business, and your community.

Is your current contact page missing? What can you change to make it more effective?