Marketing strategies for the new normal- Digital Leadership Summit 2020 by Social Beat

Marketing strategies for the new normal- Digital Leadership Summit 2020 by Social Beat

Social Beat’s Digital Leadership Summit 2020 was held online due to the pandemic. The agenda was to discuss the current and future trends in digital marketing. The whole country has been digitized in the last few months and the discussion has cleared the way forward. There were 17 experts from various fields and organizations covering key topics like hyperscaling, indigenous marketing, consumer travel automation, building a culture of innovation, etc. among many other insightful topics.

Building basic skills with digital media:

Dr Pramath Sinha, founder and chairman of the Harappa Foundation, believes that combining the liberal arts with technology has a bright future. Digital marketing in education and the digitization of education in general itself, due to their constant online presence, help to better engage students. Digital media help students have one-on-one conversations, which enhances their learning experience.

Growth drivers during the pandemic with Google:

Ms. Menakshi Singh, the agency’s business manager at Google, tells us that consumers have started to adapt to the pandemic. Users spend more time on small screens. She said digitization was the new storefront. Consumers expect brands to use their digital assets to personalize their experience. Convenience is a key factor driving consumers to choose to shop online versus in-store. Brands that establish their online presence, actively work on their website and mobile user experience, clearly inform consumers of delays and stock availability, are the brands that have a higher chance of being digitally successful.

Growth drivers during the pandemic with Facebook:

Ms. Ruchi Kohli, head of agency business at Facebook, explained that brands need to adopt new media habits. The dependence on digital media is increasing, which can even lead to a surge in demand. Brands need to create virtual experiences and native content, and develop content for every part of the business funnel, especially Facebook. Digital spending on mobile wallets and net banking has also increased. Users will also shop more during the sale and offerings of brands on digital platforms.

Marketing isn’t just about branding:

Amit Verma, Head of Growth & Marketing at Rapido, said digital marketing is a cross-functional tool with a variety of benefits. He advises startups and brands to focus on a full-funnel approach. Look for the channels that bring you the most exposure. Marketing popularly affects conversion by understanding customer preferences. Focus on what to expect from your marketing strategies.

Tips for high readings:

Damandeep Singh Soni, VP Marketing & Growth, boAT recommends brands stick to two channels and focus on optimizing them in order to grow quickly. He recommends using the right tools to collect data. Some brands use free tools, but the cost of changing them gets high in the long run. He advises marketing professionals to visualize the data in order to create manageable and efficient content.

About hyper scaling:

Ms. Shweta Sivasankaran, Marketing Director of Unacademy, shared that maintaining a strong social media presence with relevant and engaging content and marketing with a clear tone will increase your online traffic. She also recommends spending time measuring, listening, and analyzing. Shweta urges companies to use accurate and accurate keywords and use unique CTAs. She believes that a combination of simple and compelling display ads and videos with unique CTAs has a very powerful impact on social media.

Innovation in finance:

Mr Ajit Narasimhan, CMO of Sundaram Mutual, says that digitization is no longer a trailblazer but a strategic leader. Rupeek Head of Marketing Mr. Karanpreet Bindra agreed, adding that offering both digital and physical transactions has increased the conversion percentage for the company. Karanpreet also said that for wealth creation products where trust is a key factor, online brand awareness and awareness will be helpful. The demand for native content is high. This avoids the problem of translation loss for complicated products like loans. According to Ajit, creating videos is one of the best ways to get a visual feel for the brand, with an emphasis on educating the customer.

Building a brand through digitization:

According to Sandeep Shukla, director of marketing for the Jaquar Group, reaching out to customers is a key factor in building a brand. Digital media have to provide all the information they need in one place. He says everyone is an individual marketer as he talks about the power of content sharing and distribution. By creating videos on YouTube, consumers get all the data to help them plan and decide. He urges brands to get involved with technology, focus on communication, and keep the message clear and simple.

It was an extremely interesting and insightful experience. Thanks to the virtual world, panellists came together to give us their thoughts, opinions and advice on how to make the most of this pandemic using digital media and its trends. To learn more about it domestic marketing, Video creation tools, If you’d like to read more useful digital marketing blogs, check out Social Beat Blog page.