Lesser known marketing books by Indian Authors worth reading

Lesser known marketing books by Indian Authors worth reading

The best marketers are the ones who are constantly trying to improve their craft, no matter how good they are at it. If you would like to read some unusual, lesser-known marketing books that will help you improve your marketing skills even further, here is a list of such books written by our own Indian authors.

Written by digital marketing experts at Social Beat, this book explores the various aspects of digital marketing and the ways marketers use the medium to increase sales and revenue. Similar to the annual spectacle of millions of wildebeest and zebras migrating from the parched savannahs, humanity has experienced an even greater migration in the past two decades, with more than 500 million Indians “migrating” to the Internet. In recent years, this migration has resulted in phenomenal growth in digital marketing. This book will help beginners wade through this digital wilderness and is full of case studies and infallible insights. Deciphering the digital jungle takes readers on a safari of marketing concepts that transition from the traditional to the digital age. You can take a look at the team’s expertise on their YouTube channel, which has a series of knowledge called Digital Bytes.

Written by Anisha Motwani, this book is a unique collection of contemporary, true stories about Indian companies and brands that have rewritten the norms of their respective industries. Not only are all twenty stories inspiring, but they also bring about a remarkable change in the way you approach marketing and running the company.

This quirky titled book by Ambi Parameswaran, an advertising veteran, describes the history of Indian advertising over the past 50 years. Over a hundred advertisements have been studied and examined by the author in this book. In this book you will learn how advertising draws inspiration and influences from politics, culture, society, etc. Reading this book will provide you with detailed information about the Indian advertising scenario.

Written by one of the Indian advertising gurus, Piyush Pandey, Pandeymonium is not just a biography but a brief history of advertising and its development. He brought in some amazing tidbits and experiences from his life at Ogilvy as well as his love of cricket. He reports on how he has helped build brands such as Fevicol, Vodafone and IPL, among others. Most importantly, he should talk about how he is inspired by people and things in his daily life.

How interesting would it be if there was a toolkit of new techniques that you can use to develop new, innovative marketing strategies? This is exactly what the book Marketing Unplugged has in store for you. This book by Suman Srivastava is a book full of scientific yet delightful ideas for marketing.

From humble beginnings as a Bollywood movie poster painter to national creative director of Leo Burnett India, KV Sridhar (or Pops as he is called) has seen it all and is now widely recognized as the creative leader in the Indian advertising world. He is credited with creating Leo Burnett as a creative powerhouse in India, which makes this book even more interesting.

The book is unique in that it sums up every beloved ad behind the scenes, from the Doordarshan days to today’s YouTube. from ‘Chal meri luna’ to ‘Airtel Smartphone Ads’. It includes interviews with creative minds and directors of all generations, from vintage to New Age. Pops selected each ad based on its popularity with viewers and met its creators and talked to them about the whole process. He’d left out the marketing jargons and advertising swiftness and woven stories with wonderful stories.

Satish Y. Deodhar has written a number of management books under the title of the IIMA book series. If you’re looking to read the series, Why I Pay More is the right choice. This book explains the dynamics of pricing in relation to demand, supply, market structures, etc. This book is beautifully illustrated through various case studies and examples and can never be put down.

Dheeraj Sinha’s book on the Indian consumer market should be read by every marketer. Some brands and companies fail in the Indian market mainly because of their assumptions about Indian consumers. This book tries to break all of these myths and misconceptions. There is a fresh, new and real perspective on the Indian consumer market.

Have you wondered why some startups get very famous while others just fade away? This book, published by Notion Press and written by Yaagneshwaran Ganesh, will give you a thorough understanding of the various marketing principles. While most marketing books talk about the macro concepts, this book also talks about the micro concepts of marketing. This is very important to new age marketers.

As we all know, the sweet spot is the optimal combination of factors or properties for success. True to its name, this book draws your attention to the sweet spots that you can explore and use in marketing. In other words, just as athletes make the toughest punches or tasks easy because of the sweet spot, this book also helps you grow your business in innovative, seemingly simple ways.

Mainak Dhar has written a dozen books in various genres. Mainak Dhar is considered one of the best-selling writers in India, mainly writing about science, marketing and management. Brand Shastra is one of his newest books and is also featured on Amazon’s list of Notable Books of 2016. This book covers the various aspects of marketing, from primary promotions to B2B marketing. This book not only talks about the theories of marketing, it also explains the science and logic behind the various marketing tactics.

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We hope that now you can add a handful of books to your list of books to read. What are the other books published by Indian authors that you would suggest to marketers to read? Let us know in the comments.