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isilumko Activate Marketing company

Oct 26

isilumko Activate Marketing company

Isilumko was established in 1995 and has successfully built the business and team to become one of the most recognized Activations agency in the country.

Our National presence with wholly-owned offices in 5 major cities, allows our team to be hands-on, agile and locally focused to provide solid project management, ongoing optimization and success.

Our cross-category expertise filters across multiple channels and diverse initiatives, focusing on various genres within the Marketing sphere with a 360 integrated holistic plan. From meaningful insights, we design break-through.

Marketing Company

They are the companies which have a thorough knowledge of your industry and the space in which they operate, along with a level of execution. They are focused on bottom-line development rather than focusing on beautiful images or creating websites to show the work they've done to attract new customers. These firms we refer to as "Lead Generation" because their task is basically to find potential buyers from other companies that need assistance, instead of promoting existing clients.

What can a marketing firm do?

Marketing agencies are a company that carries out everything from analysis to research. They design strategies, create brands for your product with their logo, and promote it with advertising to let people know about your business's products and services.

The Marketing Company Makes It All Happen.


Types of Marketing:


B2B Marketing

There are many obstacles to overcome that arise in B2B marketing. However, harnessing the potential of business-to-business and digital channels can lead to a significant ROI, if it is developed properly from an established brand via strategy development right to techniques like content marketing, which helps build expertise recognition for the long-term success

Many different tasks will be needed to be completed before we reach our target... Don't worry, we'll help you complete each step to ensure that it's not overwhelming!


Digital Marketing:

To propel an organization to the next level it's essential that both entrepreneurs and companies to employ an effective approach to digital marketing. Social media marketing is just one of the ways businesses can make use of social media like Facebook or Twitter effectively when contemplating ways to the best way to get their brand's image to potential customers!

SME Marketing

The work we do with SME marketing has always been a major concern for us. From branding and marketing to branding and advertising, we collaborate as an expert team to ensure your success!

Content Marketing

The world of content marketing is changing and more and more businesses are making the importance of it to their businesses. It's a broad term that refers to social media posts , or emails, in addition to blog writing. SEO employ traditional methods, such as hyperlinks to websites (or different websites) asset creation This is also a video and image too!


The term "content" gets thrown around frequently, but what does it actually mean? Content could be any kind of written words, including blog posts and newsletters sent via email campaigns, and then on to online marketing, like blogging platforms that cover related subjects.

Marketing Strategy

With our expertise and range We develop a marketing plan that will help you achieve your objectives. With decades of experience in various sectors, we understand the way you'd like things to be done!

We're very happy that we're able to assist you with all the thorny issues in the current crowded world: Just one request to us to do what they require from beginning (or finish)linke creation via website maintenance and updates and managing social media - because when people are first, then success will follow naturally.



Experiential Marketing is a method of communication, a method that creates a connection between consumers and brands. The campaigns that are experiential allow the brand to come to life and directly engage with the customer. The experience gives companies the opportunity to leave behind an emotional experience along with evidence of physical form that creates permanent memories, as well as brand recognition. At Isilumko we strive to provide the most memorable experiences and amplify campaigns to make the consumer feel connected with the brand.


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