Is there any push notification software for free?

push notification software

Yes, Truepush is free push notification software. Truepush is currently used by more than 25,000 brands on a global scale in more than 164 countries.

Truepush push notification software is easy to install and offers the following integration options:

Push notifications for WordPress
Push notifications for Joomla
Squarespace push notifications
Push notifications for bloggers
Push notifications for Webflow
Push notifications for Shopify
Google Tag Manager push notifications
Push notifications for the WordPress plugin
Push notifications for PWA
AMP push notifications

Benefits of Using Truepush Push Notification Software

Here are the benefits of using Truepush software:

  1. Create audience segments

    With the push notification software Truepush you can target certain segments of your subscriber base. By default, audience segments are provided based on location, browser type used, gender, date of last visit and much more.

    Additionally, if you want to create your own audience segments, you can do so using the Custom Segments option. Here is the guide too Use of customer tags.

2. Automate push-through RSS-to-push

Truepush also gives you the option to automate your push notification campaign. The RSS-to-Push feature lets you send your published post URLs to your users’ RSS feed.

This means that every time you go live with a post, it will automatically get to your user’s devices. And bring in traffic from your existing user base.

3. Customize the push opt-in styles

There are numerous ways that you can use push opt-in to get displayed on your website. Every time visitors visit your website, they will receive an opt-in asking them to allow notifications. They express the first impression they make on your website.

Below are different login styles that push notification software such as Truepush provide. These opt-in styles fall under two sub-categories; H. One-way opt-in and Two-way opt-in.

One way to sign in is to have a sign-in style where users only need to click “Allow” once after the sign-in appears. On the other hand, with two-way sign-in, your users will need to click “Allow” twice to become verified subscribers.

The advantage of choosing the two-way opt-in over the one-way opt-in is that the website has fewer churn rates as the user base is aware of their subscription and its benefits.

However, if you opt for a one-way opt-in, there can be a much higher number of subscription rates. You can really get these users involved based on your right push strategies.

a) One-way opt-in

Browser default setting

b) Two-way opt-in

Bell opt-in
Optin bar
Box opt-in
Box + opt-in

According to our survey, after analyzing over a billion web push notifications, we found that

The bidirectional opt-in offers 2X more open rates than the standard opt-in.

Here is the detailed guide too Opt-in customization settings.

4. Metrics in the dashboard

To send push notifications, there are many metrics for tracking and monitoring postwords. The Truepush dashboard provides the following metrics:

a) Overall summary, including:

  • Total participants
  • Active subscribers
  • Total unsubscribers
    b) Weekly statistics and statistics for the last 2 days.
    c) The last five campaign details. It contains-
  • Campaign title
  • Delivery rates
  • Open rates
  • Click rates and more.
    5. Trigger

    Triggers are notifications that appear on your website due to certain user interactions. For example if your url is When your website visitor visits, you can set up relevant triggers for these visitors and get in touch with them right there.

    You can also set up triggers based on the user’s subscription time. For example, if your user subscribed to your website at 4:00 p.m., you can send them a trigger push after x minutes of subscription.

register for Truepush push notification software and engage your users for free.