Instagram Tests New Feature for Users to Hide Likes

Instagram Tests New Feature for Users to Hide Likes

Instagram is testing a new feature that will allow users to choose whether to hide likes or not.

This is the latest in a series of tests by Instagram to reduce social pressures on “equal counts”.

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Why does Instagram offer users the option to hide likes?

Instagram has experimented with hiding likes in several countries over the past few years.

In fact, Instagram attempted to completely remove likes for select users in the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand in 2019.

According to Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, this was an initiative to make Instagram “safer on the Internet”.

Not all were in favor of hidden counts, however. “S.ome still wanted to see like counts, especially to keep track of what’s popular. “ Mosseri shared on Twitter.

Specifically, creators and influencers indicated that the similar number metric is important in communicating value with brand partners, and that removing it could have a negative impact on an influencer’s average engagement rate.

Because of this, Instagram has announced that it is testing a new option that will allow users to choose whether or not to hide likes on the platform.

So we’re testing a new option that will allow you to decide which experience is best for you – whether you choose not to see the count of others’ posts, turn it off for your own posts, or keep the original experience.

– Adam Mosseri @ (@mosseri) April 14, 2021

As part of the test, users can hide likes on other users’ posts, turn off likes on their own posts, or keep the original experience.

By adding this flexibility, Instagram wants to give users the ability to take the pressure off of posting on the platform.

Mosseri also announced that a “Similar experiences for Facebook” is being investigated.

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How do hidden likes work on Instagram?

It is important to note that even if a user chooses to hide likes from their account, likes will not completely go away.

The total number of likes is hidden from followers, but users can see who liked a post in just a few steps.

Here’s what the new “Private Likes” design looks like when you scroll through Instagram:

hidden likes instagram

“When you scroll through your feed, there are no similar counts,” explained Mark Zuckerberg at F8.

“You can see who liked a photo or video. You can tap through to see [the full list of people who liked a post]and when you have time you can add them all up yourself. “

Can you still see how many likes you are getting on your own Instagram posts?

Yes, you can still see how many likes you are getting on posts even if your followers can’t.

However, the number of likes is not automatically displayed under your post.

Instead, you’ll need to tap “Other” under your blog post to see the total number of likes:

Hide likes on Instagram

How to hide likes on Instagram

If you’ve been selected for the test, you can hide (or bring back) likes by adjusting your app’s settings.

If you want to hide likes, you will no longer be able to see likes on other users’ posts by scrolling through the Instagram home feed.

Users can also hide likes, one post at a time, by tapping the three-dot icon in the top right corner of a published post.

NOTE: Users can still view counts and other tasks using analytics even if they have turned them off.

How do you get into the test group?

Unfortunately, there is no way to enable or disable an Instagram test group.

Instagram hasn’t commented on exactly how big this test will be, but it will likely be available to users in the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand who have already experienced the removal of likes from their account .

How does removing likes on Instagram affect influencers and brands?

The Big Question: How Does Removing Likes Affect Influencers and Companies?

After removing likes across the board for test users in multiple countries, many influencers said their engagement rates dropped significantly – an important metric brands use to measure the success of an influencer marketing campaign.

The reason? Followers have less incentive to click the “Like” button without showing a “Likes” count.

Removing likes also poses challenges for companies when it comes to validating an influencer partner’s metrics.

Fortunately, there are tools out there to check an influencer’s metrics. For example, Later’s Performance Report feature creates an automated report that is updated every 24 hours with the latest metrics.

With this latest test from Instagram, users can decide whether to show or hide similar counts account by account.

If a large number of users choose to hide likes, engagement rates are likely to be impacted across the board. Brands and developers should keep this in mind.

However, this opt-in approach is the only way Instagram can strike a balance with its community, especially given the social pressure and fear that Instagram likes can create.

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