How to Stop Procrastinating and Become a Joyful Writer [Infographic]

How to Stop Procrastinating and Become a Joyful Writer [Infographic]

Whether you’re a full-time blogger or a social media marketer who occasionally hangs out on social media copywriting, I bet you’ve been tempted to hesitate in the middle of your writing process.

Perhaps you will type in your introductory phrase and then open up Pinterest. Perhaps you end a section of your post and then decide to lose steam to wash your dishes instead.

Whatever it is, we’ve all been there. Writing is a difficult and lengthy process, and there are many moments when deferment is much more tempting than writing another sentence.

However, if you are sticking to a tight deadline, it is important that you are able to stay focused. This is where Enchanting Marketing founder Henneke Duistermaat delves into strategies writers may hesitate the next time they hit a tight deadline and can’t afford to spend more time updating their Pinterest feeds.

Let’s dive into the strategies you can use to stop hesitation during your writing process – and instead, how to become a happier writer.