How to Make Sales With a Shoppable Instagram Feed

How to Make Sales With a Shoppable Instagram Feed

Did you know there is a way to add custom links to any of your Instagram posts?

With by Lateryou can turn your feed into a clickable, shoppable landing page to make selling on Instagram easier.

But don’t just take our word for it. In this blog post, we’re sharing 6 brands with shippable Instagram feeds and what you can learn from them:

Why your business needs a shippable Instagram feed

Instagram is great for sharing creative and engaging visual content, but it is also an effective platform for driving traffic and sales.

Indeed, 70% of buyers Check Instagram for product discovery and make it a prime place to reach your ecommerce goals.

And today Instagram users have several options for shopping – be it via links in stories, tagged products in posts or the latest Instagram shopor the link in your Instagram bio.

How 6 Brands Make Sales Using One Shoppable Instagram Feed

The link on your Instagram bio is valuable real estate as it can help drive traffic to your website, product buying pages, blog posts, events, and more.

With only one link to mess around with, it can be time consuming to update the URL every time you want to direct your followers to a specific location.

Enter by Later, a tool that automatically creates a clickable version of your feed that you can link to from your Instagram bio.

6 brands with a shippable Instagram feed

When one of your followers clicks the link in your bio, they’ll be taken to a web and mobile optimized landing page where the ultimate Instagram shippable feed is created.

The best part? It’s free!

Drive the traffic of Instagram

Not only can you create links to multiple websites and pages, but you can also track insights like clicks, pageviews, and sales from each post.

And if you have one Later growth or advanced planyou can integrate your Shopify store with, making it even easier for followers to shop and track revenue.

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6 brands with shippable Instagram feeds

Now that we’ve introduced Selling on Instagram Let’s take a look at 6 future customers with who successfully increase traffic and sales with the tool:

# 1: Collective Arts Brewing

When it comes to promoting products on Instagram, Collective Arts Brewing manages to sell without being intrusive or pushy.

Their feed is a healthy mix of product shots and featured artists. Often times, they use storytelling to drive traffic to their page:

In fact, storytelling is at the heart of their strategy and allows them to connect with their audience.

“We want people to feel emotionally connected to our brand. That’s why we use our community and our artists to tell their stories, ”explains Toni Shelton, Director Brand Marketing and Communications.

6 brands with a shippable Instagram feed

By creating a shoppable Instagram feed with, you can link each post to a specific webpage or content, making it easier for your followers to find exactly what they’re looking for – whether it’s a new gin cocktail or a recent one discovered designer.

Want to learn more about how Collective Art Brewing uses Read our case study with the beverage brand.

# 2: good + good

While many brands use to sell their products, it can also be used as a tool to drive traffic to articles and blog content.

To take Good + good for example. The popular lifestyle publication has had great success with to drive traffic back to their website.

“ has fundamentally changed our Instagram strategy as we can advertise multiple articles a day,” says Hannah Weintraub, social media manager.

The ability to add multiple links to each of their posts means they can give their followers plenty of options to choose from as they scroll through their feed.

6 brands with a shippable Instagram feed

By consistently passing on appealing content with clear CTAs (Call-to-Actions), Well + Good can direct a large volume of traffic to your website and thereby increase brand awareness. It’s a win-win situation.

NOTE: Adding multiple links to a post is only available on Later growth and advanced plans.

# 3: SuperHi

When it comes to selling products on Instagram, the online education platform SuperHi understands the ways of using guest articles and tips to drive conversions.

The SuperHi feed calls itself a “global community of people learning together online”. It contains numerous projects from graduates, quotes from designers, and helpful design tips:

By leveraging the content from Q&A and articles on their website, they can create eye-catching social media posts that encourage followers to click through and read more.

Any creative curious about their educational courses can quickly see the results SuperHi graduates achieve and gain valuable insights from creatives around the world – their experiences, challenges and processes.

6 brands with a shippable Instagram feed

Using to educate and subtly promote their courses and resources (like how-tos and tutorials) is a great way to use the tool.

Are you ready to improve your ecommerce strategy? The gallery allows you to embed your feed right on your website or blog! Upgrade to Later’s Growth or Advanced Plan to get started.

# 4: Patagonia

Patagonia is a rare exception in retail. As a Brand with purposeThey have crossed their roots in sportswear and have become a global icon for environmental and social advocacy.

By investing in authentic storytelling, they can share their unique value proposition and relevant product information without being overly promotional.

With you can get visitors to discover long-form content that covers topics such as climate change and the concept of giving away hand-me-downs:

It’s this mix of compelling content that makes Patagonia a powerhouse to grow Instagram’s sales and traffic.

If someone clicks through their shoppable Instagram feed, they can watch a brief documentary, read an article, and look for new gear – the possibilities are endless.

6 brands with a shippable Instagram feed

Creating a feed with just product photos is often not enough to keep your community engaged, and Patagonia took advantage of the added value.

# 5: Back Beat Co.

Back Beat Co. is a lifestyle brand with the goal of “people, planets and then profit”. Her prioritization of ethical and social responsibility and low impact clothing is clear throughout her feed.

And we love how they incorporate quotes from their blog to help drive traffic to

Instead of the standard, “We interviewed this person, check the link in our bio” they use fascinating quotes from the blog post in their caption and then encourage their audience to click through and find out more.

6 brands with a shippable Instagram feed

The lifestyle images and appealing captions from Back Beat Co. also ensure that traffic is directed to your blog and website – without appearing too profitable. Let the clicks roll in.

# 6: Ellevest

With the aim of helping women achieve financial independence, EllevestThe feed is filled with incredibly engaging content – from inspirational quotes to pop culture references and memes to interviews with female executives.

And while they’re not an e-commerce brand per se, the tech company operates tiered membership plans that allow members to learn more about investing, banking, and access to financial coaching and other resources.

How does creating a shoppable Instagram feed work in their favor? By using strong CTAs, stopping content, and encouraging their followers to find out more through the link on their bio.

Your feed is also full of frugal quotes that often get lots of engagement. These quotes are like a taste of the full interview or article on their website.

Since they can intrigue followers with shareable content, they can gently encourage them to switch to one of their membership plans for even more valuable content, tips, and connections.

6 brands with a shippable Instagram feed is a great way to turn your Instagram followers into customers because users no longer have to open a separate browser to search for a product. enables them to find your product pages, blog posts, and more with just two clicks, creating the perfect Instagram shippable feed. Cha-ching.

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