How to Make Money on Pinterest

How to Make Money on Pinterest

Ready to make money on Pinterest? You are in the right place.

Pinterest isn’t just about discovering content, creating boards, or finding inspiration – it’s a great place to shop too.

And with new e-commerce functions like the Shop tabPinterest makes it easy for brands to drive traffic and grow their business.

Here are 9 ways you can start making money on the platform today:

9 ways to make money on Pinterest

Fun fact: Pinterest is one powerful platforms to increase sales.

According to a survey by Cowen and Society47% of social media users saw Pinterest as the most important platform for product discovery and shopping – more than three times the percentage of respondents who cited Facebook or Instagram.

Ready to start? Here are 9 ways to make money on Pinterest:

  1. Use the most important shopping functions of Pinterest
  2. Let yourself be discovered with Rich Pins
  3. Offer exclusive promotions on Pinterest to potential buyers
  4. Promote your products with an advertising campaign
  5. Get noticed with video pins
  6. Create story pins to connect with your community
  7. Work with brands and developers to reach new audiences
  8. Create product pens to try on
  9. Include affiliate links in your Pins to earn commissions on sales

Product pens are the easiest way to sell on Pinterest as they include pricing, availability and information about how to buy your product, and they bring Pinners straight to your website to make a purchase.

9 strategies for making money on Pinterest

Pinterest made updating Product Pins super easy for business owners thanks to Catalogs – A data feed that connects your Pinterest account to your website inventory.

Once set up, your Pinterest Product Pins will automatically update every time you upload or change products on your ecommerce website.

And thanks to the introduction of the Pinterest shop tabFinding your Product Pins is easier than ever – users now have their own dedicated area to browse and shop for in-stock products.

Shop tab

Source: Pinterest Newsroom

Follow the steps below to add Product Pins to your Pinterest for Business profile Here.

# 2: Explore with Rich Pins

Rich pens are a kind of organic pin that are automatically synchronized with information from your website.

There are several types of Rich Pins, including Product (mentioned above), Recipe, Article, and App Pins.

Setting up rich pins is a great way Increase sales on Pinterest – They offer a direct route to your website and are valuable SEO boosters for a search-first platform.

To create a Rich Pin, add relevant, most-used keywords to your pin title as well as the first 50 words of your description.

Want to learn more about Rich Pins on Pinterest? We’ll go into the details in Later’s Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Marketing.

# 3: Offer potential buyers exclusive Pinterest promotions

Another great way to make money on Pinterest is by offering a unique promo code to your followers and users who stumble upon your Pin on their home feeds.

Promotions are very effective and offer great benefits all year round. When you offer a time-limited code that’s exclusive to Pinterest, it creates a sense of urgency that can add more clicks and more engagement to your account.

Pinterest ads are one of the most effective ways for businesses to drive traffic, raise awareness, and make more money on Pinterest.

You can use demographic data like age and location, as well as categories and interests, to better target Pinterest ads and reach the right shopping audience for your business or product.

Once an ad is set up in Pinterest Ads Managerit will appear in their search results on users’ home feeds – and it looks almost identical to a regular pin.

9 ways to make money on Pinterest

TIP: You don’t have to create Pinterest ads from scratch. If you want to create an ad with a product you’ve pinned in the past, you can promote existing Pins.

# 5: Get your audience noticed with Video Pins

Video Pins are a great way to engage an audience, tell a story, show your product or service in action, and ultimately make sales on Pinterest.

Video Pins will automatically play on the desktop so they can grab viewers’ attention.

If you already post video content on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube, consider using videos on Pinterest too.

ICYMI: You can schedule Video Pins with and publish them automatically Later! Simply select a date and time to submit your video content to Pinterest for review. Once your video is approved, it will go live on the board you choose.

# 6: Create Story Pins to engage with your community

With a typable format, Story pins Enable developers to share dynamic and visual stories. This is a great way to build brand loyalty and drive sales.

New!  Pinterest story pins for creators

On mobile devices, Story Pins are presented as a series of image or video pages that can be accessed in a similar way to them Instagram storiess.

However, unlike Instagram Stories, Story Pins don’t disappear after 24 hours. This makes them a permanent opportunity to engage with your audience.

NOTE: Story Pins are only available for a select number of Pins Pinterest creator at the moment, but could be expanded in the near future.

# 7: Work with brands and developers to reach new audiences

Once you’ve made progress as a business on Pinterest, you can also increase sales on the platform by partnering with other brands or developers.

By working together, you can target each other’s audience and increase your reach.

And it doesn’t stop there. Partnering with like-minded brands or developers is an opportunity to get creative, improve your brand’s perception, and generate social excitement.

For example, West Elm regularly collaborates with innovative developers on their Pinterest account and shares their unique design stories to inspire their community:

TIP: Use Later’s Pinterest click tracking function to measure the success of your Pinterest campaigns. Available now growth and Advanced Plans.

# 8: create product pens to try on

Similar to that Augmented Reality shopping functions We saw Pinterest on Instagram AR Try on Users can virtually see what a product looks like through their phone camera.

This could be a cornerstone of shopping for the latest trends – and it’s available right from the Pinterest app.

9 ways to make money on Pinterest

Source: Pinterest Newsroom

NOTE: This feature is still in limited beta. To request participation in the beta test, Pinterest recommends contacting a Pinterest Account Manager.

If you are an influencer or creator, you can use affiliate links on Pinterest to make money.

If you are not familiar Affiliate marketingIt’s a system that allows you to promote a brand’s products or services through trackable links that you can generate from an affiliate network like ShareASale. CJ partner, or Rakuten.

You can then paste these links anywhere on the web – like in a PIN – and earn a commission from the clicks or sales these links generate.

TIP: For influencers and creators, affiliate links can be incredibly useful for monetizing a blog or social media presence. Find out how to use affiliate links here.

And that concludes our top 9 tips for selling on Pinterest.

Thanks to Pinterest’s wide range of tools and features, there are more ways than ever to make sales on the platform.

Are you ready to start your Pinterest sales strategy?

Plan and plan your pins in advance with later it’s free!

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