How To Improve Test Management?

How To Improve Test Management?

How can test management be improved?

Each of the teams that work with the Agile system knows Jira. This platform is widely used and now companies are building test management tools for Jira. These tools can be seamlessly integrated into the Jira environment. This way, companies already using Jira can easily add different tools based on their needs, and they don’t have to exclude previous tools to use something new.

Jira has its own basic functionality like tracking issues related to mobile or desktop applications. However, the ease of integration allows the functionality to be magically expanded. Now the use of Jira is not limited and can be customized according to the needs of the company.

For example, only a few DevOps teams use this tool for test case management. With a little tweaking, it can be used as an end-to-end tool that does the whole thing.

How do test management tools for Jira improve testing efforts?

Jira can be customized in a myriad of ways as needed, and test management is one of the most important ways users can model it. Most companies prefer to integrate different tools in one place so that the team doesn’t have to juggle between different platforms to get a single job done. It usually becomes frustrating for the team when the project is complex or the team is working on different tasks at the same time. It has to go through a number of tools. A single dashboard for all requirements not only saves time, but also increases productivity.

Errors can be easily identified and corrected using a single dashboard. This eliminates unnecessary repetitive processes and all teams can access the essential information at the same time. The workflow becomes manageable, which ultimately leads to deadlines being met much earlier.

Even if testers maintain separate sheets or test management tools, the rest of the team doesn’t have 24/7 access to them. Your communication would be detrimental and detailed understanding of the test case would be minimal.

Benefits of Using Jira

We know that Jira is not just designed for testing and can be adjusted as needed. Here are some of the advantages that make Jira’s popularity unmatched.

  • Allows the creation of customizable problem types
  • A single workflow for all teams, developers, quality assurance and test actions
  • Offer reporting
  • Allows other tools to be integrated according to your needs
  • Suitable for one-time manual execution

Jira apps and add-ons

Numerous add-ons are available on the Atlassian marketplace that can be integrated into the system and fulfill the test purpose. Some examples of add-ons are:

  • Xray for Jira and Zephyr for Jira are used to perform manual tests.
  • Teams dealing with the agile approach typically consider Behave Pro and Tricentis q Test Scenario to be necessary.

With the help of these add-ons, the test functionality via Jira is improved and better and more organized test case management is carried out. For example, using X Ray will help you add a problem type to the list of identified problems along with steps. A lot of manual documentation and processing is facilitated by this special add-on.

Benefits of Using Add-Ons

In general, these add-ons in Jira can be used to easily call up test cases in the form of cycles or suites. It also helps to run test cases in groups and bypass their results. This way, the test execution becomes more visible. Some other benefits testers can enjoy with these add-ons in Jira are:

  • A similar appearance can be maintained
  • A similar or single dashboard is used for most of the work
  • Easy to buy and integrate
  • Add test-related functionality to an existing platform
  • Allows test objects to be linked to other functions

What can you expect from test case management tools?

Test case management tools offer extensive functions and numerous advantages.

  • These tools can be used to consolidate all types of manual tests and automation tests.
  • All details and the progress of the test execution can be displayed. Users can understand the reason why the test failed and why a test case failed.
  • Similar test cases can be used for multiple projects, which improves reusability to save time and effort. This eliminates the isolation of test cases and a template of a test case can be used instead of writing the case over and over.

To get the best of both worlds, it is recommended that you look for test management tools that allow Jira to perform multiple tasks at once from a dashboard that gives the entire team access to useful information.