How to Find Content for Your Social Media Strategy

How to Find Content for Your Social Media Strategy

Are you looking for an easier way to find great content to share on your social media channels?

Later lets you quickly collect content from multiple sources so you can always find the perfect post for your content plan.

From searching mentions and tags to Later’s new Find By Profile feature, finding content that stops scrolling has never been easier.

Ready to start? Discover 6 ways to get content for your social channels with Later:

To find content for social media later:

  1. Search by profile (New!)
  2. Collect from mentions
  3. Collect from tags
  4. Collect from contributors
  5. Search by hashtag
  6. Add from Unsplash

# 1: search for profile (new!)

Latest news! You can now find, save and share content from your favorite Instagram accounts with Later’s New Search by profile Feature.

How to find and share UGC with later

This is a seamless way to add User generated content from the accounts you love straight to your future media library.

All you have to do is enter a username or profile url, select from the Recent Posts feed, and tap “Add to Library”. As simple as that!

And the best part about it? Later, the high quality resolution of the original post is kept (no screenshots required here) and the handle of the user who originally published it is automatically added to your caption, making it easy to credit the creator.

Pricing: Search by profile is available for all novelties Starter, growth, and Advanced Plans.

# 2: Gather off mentions

Mentions can be one of the best sources of organic User generated content for your Instagram feed – but as your account grows it can be difficult to keep track of everyone.

With Later’s Mentions This tool allows you to review every post that mentions you in the caption or in the comments on an easy-to-use dashboard.

How to find and share UGC with later

When you find an outstanding post that you want to share on your social channels, you can easily add it to your media library and schedule it with just a few clicks.

Pricing: Mentions are available to everyone growth and Advanced Plans.

# 3: collect from tags

Aside from mentions, the posts you’ve been tagged in can be a valuable resource for user-generated content.

With Later’s Keywords This feature allows you to review all of the posts that you have been tagged in, save your favorites in your media library, and republish anytime!

How to find and share UGC with later

Just like with mentions, Later maintains the original quality of the post and adds the grip of the original creator.

Pricing: Tags are available to everyone growth and Advanced Plans.

# 4: Collect from contributors

If you work regularly with developers, photographers, or branding partners, Later’s is yours Contributors You can use this tool to streamline the process of collecting photos and videos.

6 ways to collect social media posts with later

You can share a link with your contributors, who can upload photos and videos directly to a content library for review.

If you accept their content, it will be moved directly to your future media library, where you can schedule it for your social profiles.

Pricing: Contributors are available on growth and Advanced Plans.

# 5: search by hashtag

Another way to discover content for your social strategy is Later’s Search by hashtag Feature.

You can quickly search all recent Instagram posts for a specific hashtag, dig into relevant posts, or tap to add a post to your media library.

6 ways to collect social media posts with later

This is a great tool too if you have one Brand hashtag for your business – because you can review all of the posts that use it in one easy-to-manage feed.

With Later’s “Search by Hashtag” function, you can search for up to 30 unique hashtags per Instagram account in a continuous 7-day window. Only Instagram posts published in the last 24 hours will be shown in search results.

Pricing: The hashtag search is available for all novelties Starter, growth, and Advanced Plans.

# 6: add from Unsplash

In addition to sourcing user-generated content for your social media strategy, Later’s lets you browse a huge library of free stock photos Unsplash Integration.

6 ways to collect social media posts with later

Once you’ve found the perfect photo for your feed, you can add it to your future media library for planning.

We’ll even help you get the proper credit for the original photographer in your caption so you have even less to worry about before posting.

And the good news? It’s 100% free for all future users. Just log into the desktop app to search for branded photos for your business.

Pricing: The Unsplash photo library is available to all future users free of charge.

Register today or join later and browse thousands of stunning, sharable photos – for free!

To republish user-generated content: Always ask permission

The later user-created content tools automatically add the original creator’s handle to your label.

However, you should also ask permission from the original creator – even if they have been tagged with your specific UGC-focused hashtag. It can be as simple as sending a direct message on Instagram to request permission.

It’s important to go the extra mile and send a DM to the creator rather than just leaving a general comment on their post. Remember, you are asking for permission to use a creator’s work – it’s worth sending them a personalized note.

6 ways to collect social media posts with later

With Later’s full suite of content capture tools, you’ll never miss an opportunity to post again.

Finding scroll stop content for your social strategy just got easier!

Would you like to easily find and curate UGC for your social media channels? Register for Later and optimize your workflow today!

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Jillian Warren

Jillian is a content marketer at Later in the UK. She is a lover of London brunch spots and an avid listener of podcasts about real crime. You can connect with her on Instagram @ jillwrren.