How to Develop an Effective Digital Transformation Strategy


As with any effective strategy, the first step is to diagnose the problem. And that applies to digital transformation.

Emote Digital is a pioneer in the field of digital transformation – the process by which your company takes full advantage of the digital to implement strategies that revolutionize your business.

It’s not just about starting a new website or defining a target audience, it’s about prescribing the antidote to awkwardness. It fixes the root cause with more than one patch. It’s problem solving.

There’s a reason you need to find an agency to help you carry out your digital transformation and why it can’t come from within. But we’ll get to that.

First, let’s take a look at what makes an effective digital transformation and how you know your brand needs one.

What makes an effective strategy?

An effective strategy not only solves the known existing problems, but also finds solutions for future efforts.

You can tell an effective strategy by how much it future-proofs your business and streamlines your process.

A strong, reliable digital presence offers the opportunity to develop new potential and expand existing customers. This is how you can gain market share and drive business growth. Basically, a really effective strategy will have a significant dollar-value return. It’s an investment.

Concrete results are important to an effective strategy. Because of this, Emote Digital has established results that you can expect in a digital transformation.

  • First workshop on strategic alignment
  • Audits across digital assets, marketing and brands
  • Comprehensive overall strategy and plan
  • Technical documentation on required projects
  • Detailed scope of work including projected budgets and considerations out of scope
  • Overview of schedules, dependencies and responsible persons

Plans are required for error-free execution. That’s why every digital transformation has one.

5 signs you need a digital transformation strategy

There are many reasons your business might need digital transformation. In fact, there aren’t many brands out there that wouldn’t benefit significantly from it.

Here are the top five signs you need a digital transformation strategy.

  1. They don’t have an online presence. It’s very simple: if you’re not online yet, you are missing out on a great opportunity. If you don’t have a website, ask your competition to beat you.
  2. They have an online presence, but it’s not impressive. You realize the importance of being online, but you are not making enough of an impact. They are afraid that given the size of the internet, you will be forgotten.
  3. There are internal stakeholders who need to be convinced. Often times, it can take a lot of debate and explanation to convey the importance of digital in today’s world. If you have stubborn dinosaurs who don’t mind going digital they will soon after a session with emote.
  4. You beat your competitors. You do what you are not, rank higher, sell more, and innovate. It’s not about that they’re just better, it’s about that you have to change your approach.
  5. You are an innovator. They have a knack for jumping early and can smell success from a mile away. You want digital transformation because you love it.

Sounds like you Do not be surprised. Almost every business falls into at least one of the above categories.

But when you know you need digital transformation, why can’t you just do it yourself? This is a very good question.

Digital transformation with the help of an expert

Why you can’t do it alone

You can’t do your own internal digital transformation for the same reason that you can’t do your own haircut.

Well you could. It just wouldn’t be very good and you would definitely be missing out on important parts.

The truth is, it’s hard to see yourself clearly. This applies to personal growth and development as well as to surveying a business. As a director, owner, employee, or stakeholder, you’re just too involved to provide credible insights.

Often, an outsider needs to look to accurately diagnose problems and find solutions. An outsider is not bound by bureaucracy or loyalty and can be impartial and objective. Not only that, often simply because the opinion comes from an outsider, it is taken more seriously and implemented within the company.

Let’s not forget about the biggest reason why you can’t do it on your own: you are most likely not an expert.

Expertise in digital transformation requires knowledge of websites, UX, design, social media marketing, search engine advertising, SEO, copywriting and digital strategy. The cooperation between these areas is the key to success.

Working with experts like Emote Digital will give you a reliable and trustworthy opinion from people who have done this many times.

You want an agency that has hands-on experience in bringing big, well-known brands into the digital age with style and strategy.

Examples of effective digital transformation

Digital transformation can come in many different shapes and sizes.

Take Suzuki motorcycles. Emote was able to diagnose the challenges of selling motorcycles online in a declining market while providing support to dealers.

They solved this problem by implementing a Build Your Bike feature for the website, streamlining the customer experience, and making sure customers stayed on the website once they got there.

Another example is Bakers Delight. Emote brought this iconic Australian brand into the 21st century with an impact.

For a brand that is already doing so well in their physical stores, the card had to be worth it for online investments. By innovating how digital sales can massively benefit them and thinking outside the box for additional opportunities, Bakers Delight has been converted.

For more information on how Emote Digital is approaching these specific brands, check out our blog on 3 successful examples of digital transformation.

The key to remembering is that you don’t know what you don’t know. To what extent digital transformation could have an impact is a mystery until you ask.

When you get expert opinions, you will be surprised how much a digital transformation can have a positive effect on your company.

When you think you’re ready (and you’ve probably realized you are by now), reach out to the friendly Emote Digital staff and start your digital transformation today.