How to Automatically Add Captions to Instagram Stories

How to Automatically Add Captions to Instagram Stories

Instagram is introducing a new accessibility feature that lets you add closed captions to Instagram Stories and, soon, Instagram Reels too.

The Subtitle Sticker allows brands and developers to work towards creating a more inclusive experience for their community.

Here’s everything you need to know about Instagram’s latest feature and how to use it for your business:

Here’s how to automatically add subtitles to your Instagram stories

Using Instagram’s new subtitle sticker is similar to using other stickers Instagram Stories Stickers. That’s how it’s done:

Step 1: Go to the Instagram Stories or Reels camera and capture or upload a video from your camera roll.

Step 2: After uploading or recording, tap the sticker icon.

How to add subtitles to Instagram stories

Step 3: Select the “Captions” sticker.

How to add subtitles to Instagram stories

Step 4: At this stage, you can choose from four different text formats, move the text around the screen, and change the color.

How to add subtitles to Instagram stories

And that’s it! Your captions should now be generated in your Instagram story.

Be sure to see and read the subtitles before posting as Instagram may not accurately transcribe your audio. Currently, users cannot edit the labels afterwards.

NOTE: The Instagram Subtitle Sticker is only available in English speaking and English speaking countries.

Don’t you have access? Here are other ways to add Instagram captions

If you don’t have access to the new subtitle sticker, don’t panic.

According to TechCrunch, Instagram “is rolling out the subtitle sticker for stories first and will then test it in reels. A broader introduction will follow.”

Fortunately, in the meantime, there are other ways to add subtitles.

The first is to manually add text overlays in Instagram to summarize your main talking points:

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Alternatively, you can use third-party apps to generate closed captions. The following apps are helpful resources:

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You will get a notification on your phone when it is time to post your stories and all of your links and texts will be copied to your clipboard.

The best part? Since you upload the stories manually, you can put the subtitle sticker on before it goes live to make sure you share it accessible stories.

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Why Instagram Stories and Captions Are Important

Instagram Stories captions are easy-to-read captions for your videos that make it easier for your community to process your content.

New feature 📣

Now you can add a caption sticker to stories that will automatically convert your statements to text.

“Sound off” is a request that we get very often, so I’m happy that Reels are coming up too. We also hope to expand beyond a handful of countries soon.

– Adam Mosseri @ (@mosseri) May 4, 2021

It was one of the most anticipated features on Instagram – and for good reason!

As a brand, your Instagram content should be as comprehensive as possible, and the new Instagram Caption Sticker will help with that.

Instagram video titles are important not only for people watching without sound, but also for people with hearing problems. Especially since over 5% of the population – 466 million people – have had hearing loss.

If a user is browsing Instagram stories or roles in a quiet public place without headphones, chances are they will end your video.

How to add subtitles to Instagram stories

However, if the same story had subtitles, it suddenly becomes easier for your audience to pause, watch, and understand the video.

TIP: If you want to improve your accessibility beyond the captions of Instagram Stories and Reels, discover 5 Ways To Make Your Instagram Account More Accessible Right Now.

Captions can go a long way in creating a more accessible area for everyone in your community – a breeze for your brand or business.

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