How They Compare & Which to Choose?


Check out this blog post for a detailed comparison guide for project management software from ClickUp vs.

Hopefully this guide will help you figure out which one will meet the needs of your business. So let’s get started!

Project management is complex and managing the process without the help of tools is impossible in this digitized world. Because of this, your project needs to be organized in a way that predicts any problems that will arise in managing the process. Because of this, all you need is the best online project management tool for your team members that meets your expectations.

Although there are many options to make your job easier in this digital world, the usage rate of project management software is still low.

According to Wellingtone’s survey, only 22% of companies use project management software to complete their projects on budget.

Despite the low rate, the answer is simple when we give an overall view of the benefits project management software can bring to your business: Time saving.

Based on this rationale, we should consider some features like project planning, task management, budget management, team collaboration, resource management, etc. to see the big picture while choosing the most appropriate project management tool.

We’d like to start by expanding the core capabilities of these two project management tools, but just before we get started, want to mention our comparison guide for ClickUp vs.

  • Core functions
  • Free trial
  • Pricing
  • Integrations
  • Customer service
  • Alternatives


You have similar and highly customizable dashboards at a glance. These two dashboards don’t have many pages of numbers and charts that don’t make sense to users, but has a slightly simpler dashboard than ClickUp. Because of this, in some cases, ClickUp users may miss out on some features.

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ClickUp dashboard

Montagcom dashboard

Project management

Both platforms offer different features: create color-coded boards for each project, track due date, add locations, track using Gantt charts, Kanban-style views, maps, graphs and more. You can easily group tasks within yourself.

Thanks to their user-friendly systems, you can track different tasks in the same project and even give them real-time feedback.

Clickup project managementClickUp Project Management Dashboard

Montagcom project project management dashboard

Workload management

You can assign a person by clicking the People column on both platforms. This gives you the ability to assign your teammates to any task. Seeing who is doing what type of work is critical for the team to work together.

You can also add a due date column to show the time your teammates spent on it. This feature can be useful for managing team workloads. You can assign the entire team with one click.

There is one more function that we need to consider. You can rate and vote things and set a level to show if it’s urgent or not.


The most obvious thing is that doesn’t have a word for its automation system. ClickUp has excellent automation when triggered, while offers a wide range of automation systems for sales and marketing.

Both platforms have a flexible CRM system that prevents a single opportunity from being missed. They also have a similar email automation system to make sure you’re always one step ahead with your follow-up. This feature can definitely be useful for marketing teams and agencies.

Reporting & Analytics

Columns are the key points on both platforms that allow you to keep track of the process by showing its real-time status. Since they can be filtered in many different views, all you have to do is choose the data you want to include in your report, set the filters and choose the time period. You can either do this for a team or for multiple projects to get insights.

clickup-reporting-vs-monday.comClickUp Reporting Dashboard reporting dashboard

Free trials

It is very important to test whether a tool meets your needs and whether it is worth the time and money or not before buying a tool. Thankfully, many tools now offer free trial options, and ClickUp and are just one of them.

Since ClickUp offers lifetime free access, only offers a 14-day free trial option. We have to mention that ClickUp’s lifetime free trial only covers limited storage space and access to some of the features, while only gives you full access to all features for a limited time.


Undoubtedly, pricing plays a crucial role in the decision. At this point, ClickUp and are different from each other as limits the number of team members when choosing a plan.

ClickUp offers four pricing plans shown below with a 45% discount when billed annually:

  • Forever Free: $ 0 member / month
  • Unlimited: $ 5 member / month
  • Business: $ 9 member / month
  • Company: price on request

Before jumping into’s pricing plans, there are a few key points to consider about their pricing model. As mentioned above,’s price varies based on the number of users you need. There’s also a minimum user limit of five, now it’s three. That means whether you are an individual or a team, the minimum amount you have to pay starts from the number of three users. offers four pricing plans with an 18% annual discount based on a minimum of three users:

  • Basic: $ 8 seat / month
  • Standard: USD 10 seat / month
  • Pro: $ 16 seat / month
  • Company: price on request

ClickUp and both offer a variety of integrations with other services like Slack, Github, Zoom, Toggl, Harvest, Zendesk, Salesforce, Trello, Microsoft Teams, HubSpot, etc. If we want to look into more specific integrations, ClickUp doesn’t have integrations with Pipedrive and Mailchimp yet, while does, but we guarantee they are working on it and it will be live very soon.

Customer service

ClickUp offers super friendly customer support around the clock. It not only offers webinars, help guides, video tutorials and forums, but also a chatbot that you can use to reach them easily even during the holidays. has a similar great personalized customer service system that is well supported by email support, webinars, video tutorials and community forums.

As mentioned at the beginning, good project management software is a wide open area, but it is also a highly competitive market. Depending on your business needs, there are some good options that could be an alternative to this project management software. We bring you the best project management tools like Asana, Trello, Airtable, Wrike, Jira and Todoist.

ClickUp definitely has more customizable features that are hard to resist. Aside from a complicated user interface, it’s by far a winner here as it offers all-in-one packages with no minimum user limit.

On the other hand, offers numerous integration options with other services, but they may need to work on their pricing models.

So if you’re simply looking for something to walk you through your weekly tasks and workloads, is a great option. However, if you are into more detailed stuff, ClickUp is your first choice in this case. So it ultimately depends on what your business needs.