How does firebase integrate with WordPress?

wordpress firebase

If you have a WordPress website, you can integrate your website with Firebase. Firebase is Google’s mobile platform that you can use to build, improve, and extend your mobile applications.

To do this, you would have to install a plugin on your WordPress, that is: ‘Integrate Firebase’.

Some of the advantages of integrating your Firebase with WordPress using the plugin are:

  • Sync your Firebase users with WordPress
  • Save data in real time and in the firestore.
  • Extract data from real-time and firestore
  • Activate the Firebase user management under WordPress.
  • Content management system for mobile applications from WordPress.
  • Send push notifications

The integration of WordPress Firebase also adds functions for monitoring and changing the WordPress database.

Follow the steps below to proceed with WordPress Firebase integration using a plugin:

STEP 1: Install the ‘Integrate Firebase’ plugin

There are two ways to get the plugin:

  • Method 1 (via the WordPress site directory)
  • Method 2 (by manually uploading plugins)

Method 1 (via the WordPress site directory):

a) Go to the WordPress plugin directory with the url:

b) Search for ‘Integrate Firebase’ in the search bar.

c) Download the plugin and it will be saved on your system in a ZIP format. Here is the link to download the plugin:

d) Now log into WordPress, select “Plugin” in the dashboard and click on ‘Add new’.

e) Now click on ‘Upload plug-in’ and search for the zip file of the plug-in that has already been saved in your system. After uploading the plugin, click on “Activate plugin” (see figure below):

f) Your plugin is now installed and you can use the Firebase WordPress integration with additional functions.

Method 2 (by manually uploading plugins)

a) Log in to WordPress

b) On the left side of the WordPress control panel, select ‘Plugins’ and click on ‘Add new’.

c) Look for the name of the plugin. ‘Integrate Firebase’ and click on ‘Install now’.

WordPress Firebase
d) Your Integrate Firebase plugin is now installed in your WordPress.

STEP 2: Sign in to the Firebase account

Once the plugin is installed, click on “Firebase” on the right-hand side of the WordPress dashboard and log into your Firebase with credentials and other Firebase account information.

You can use this URL to log into your Firebase account:

Your WordPress-Firebase integration is now complete.

If you want a secured implementation with a lot more features, download the Integrate Firebase PRO plugin from Here.