Host-World Review – Great Servers from All Around the World

Host-World Review - Great Servers from All Around the World

Host world

6 €


  • Lots of server locations to choose from
  • Multilingual support
  • Fast support response times
  • Cheap prices


  • No shared hosting
  • No fully managed servers

Host-World is a web hosting provider that offers VPS and dedicated server hosting with server locations from 17 different countries around the world. Read our review here.

Via host world

They are based in Estonia but they offer servers from all over the world. The most interesting thing about Host-World is the worldwide availability. Not only do they offer 25 different server locations, but also multilingual support. They are a perfect option no matter where you are from.

Current server locations and support languages ​​from Host World

To expand Host-World’s global availability, please see below for a detailed list of the server locations and support languages ​​they offer.

Here is a list of Host-World’s current server locations:

    • Frankfurt, Germany
    • Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • London, UK
    • Strasbourg, France
    • Gravel, France
    • Limassol, Cyprus
    • Moscow, Russia
    • Riga, Latvia
    • Warsaw, Poland
    • Chisinau Moldova
    • Kiev, Ukraine
    • Tallinn, Estonia
    • Sydney, Australia
    • Tokyo, Japan
    • New Delhi, India
    • Singapore
    • Hong Kong
    • Bogota Colombia
    • Sao Paulo, Brazil
    • Los Angeles, United States
    • Miami, United States
    • New Jersey, United States
    • Beauharnois, Canada
    • Toronto Canada
    • Guadalajara Mexico

This list will grow and have more locations in the future. It’s a big deal to have 17 locations anyway, far more than any other hosting provider.

Support is available in English, Russian and Spanish. This is great for customers who are having trouble reading or writing in English. Many potential customers are covered with Russian and Spanish.

VPS and dedicated hosting from Host-World

You have many different plans to choose from. All VPS are operated by KVM, so you get guaranteed resources. Prices start at 6 € per month for a 2 GB RAM VPS with 30 GB storage space. It’s affordable and comparable to all other cloud hosting providers.

We’re going to review one of their Hong Kong VPS with 4GB of RAM, 2 CPU cores, and 50GB of storage.

Here are the results of a benchmark:

——————————————— nench .sh v2019. 07.20 – Benchmark timestamp: 2021-02-26 11:21:35 UTC —————— —- ————————— Processor: Intel (R) Xeon (R) CPU E5-2690 v2 at 3.00 GHz CPU cores: 2 Frequency: 2992.786 MHz RAM: 3.7 G Swap: – Kernel: Linux 3.10.0-1160.15.2.el7.x86_64 x86_64 hard disks: vda 48.8 G hard disk CPU: SHA256 hashing 500 MB 3.115 seconds CPU : bzip2 compression 500 MB CPU: AES encryption 500 MB 2.268 seconds Ioping: search rate min / avg / max / mdev = 49.0 us / 102.2 us / 9.66 ms / 156.9 us ioping: sequential read speed generated 22.0 k requests in 5.00 s, 5.38 GiB, 4.41 k iops, 1.08 GiB / s dd: sequential write speed 1st run: 843.05 MiB / s 2nd run: 326.16 MiB / s 3rd run: 798.23 MiB / s Average: 655.81 MiB / s IPv4 speed tests of your IPv4: 194.156.99.xxxx Cachefly CDN: 7.66 MiB / s Leaseweb (NL): 4.85 MiB / s Softlayer DAL (USA): 3.32 MiB / s t (FR): 3.76 MiB / s OVH BHS (CA): 0.94 MiB / s

Great results at a great price. You get a powerful VPS with multilingual support and 4 GB of RAM for 12 euros per month.

Their dedicated servers are powered by Intel Xeon processors, ECC DDR4 RAM. You have different uplink options (up to 1 Gbit) and different RAID options to choose from.

Support from host world

Another great feature of Host-World is the 24/7 support. They are really available 24/7 and respond within seconds in live chat. Tickets are always answered within minutes.

The support itself is self-managed, so it is not a fully managed VPS. However, he will try to help with any problems.

At an affordable price, this really is a no-brainer if you are looking for servers that come with fast hardware and actual 24/7 support.

Disadvantages of the host world

There aren’t many, but considering how new they are, it would be great if they could offer shared hosting services to expand their potential user base. Your servers are not fully managed so shared hosting or a fully managed VPS option with a control panel will come in handy.

Some servers run on hard drives rather than SSDs, but this reflects the price and is clearly stated.

They’re already cheap, but it would be better if they offered a small discount for longer billing cycles like some other hosting providers do.

Conclusion on our host world review

All in all, it’s an affordable option with lots of choices and server locations to choose from. You can’t go wrong either way. You can always contact them via live chat and they will answer all of your questions before you buy.