Here’s How Bill Gates And Other Billionaires Are Reacting To Biden’s Election Victory

Here’s How Bill Gates And Other Billionaires Are Reacting To Biden’s Election Victory

“I look forward to working with the new administration and leaders on both sides in Congress,” said Gates … [+] said in a Saturday tweet.

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Some of the richest people in the world publicly congratulated Joe Biden’s historic presidential victory over the weekend, even though billionaire Donald Trump has not yet admitted defeat.

A billionaire – hedge fund cowboy Bill Ackman, whose fortune Forbes estimates at $ 2 billion – advised Trump directly to allow a tweet. “There comes a time in battle when the tent should be folded up. Instead, focus on your accomplishments over the past four years, ”Ackman wrote on Saturday. “Graciously admit and call for unity of all who have supported you.”

Other billionaires congratulated Biden on his victory, including Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates. “I look forward to working with the new administration and leaders on both sides of Congress to bring the growing pandemic under control,” Gates tweeted shortly after Biden was named the winner by the Associated Press on Saturday.

It’s a remarkable reaction from the third richest person in the world. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Gates, currently valued at $ 118 billion, pledged $ 300 million from his nonprofit foundation for vaccine development and other efforts. He also criticized the US reaction so far, telling Fox News in September that “we did a very bad job” and “must face the fact.”

Some of Biden’s billionaire donors were also delighted with his victory. Philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs, whose fortune is estimated by Forbes to be nearly $ 20 billion, donated $ 100,000 to his campaign. Celebrating Harris’s historic rise as the first woman and first Black American and Asian American person to become vice president in a Saturday tweet, she described the accomplishment as a “broken glass ceiling once and for all.”

Chris Sacca, former venture capitalist and media personality who, along with his wife, Crystal Sacca, donated $ 420,000 of their estimated $ 1.1 billion fortune to Biden, also welcomed the election result. “Joe and Kamala are bringing science, innovation and an understanding of climate change opportunities back to the White House,” Sacca tweeted Saturday, saying he gave the statement to a news organization owned by conservative media tycoon (and longtime Trump friend) Rupert Murdoch, but The News Organization Sacca informed that they would not publish it. “I couldn’t be more optimistic,” added Biden’s administration for investors.

“I want to congratulate @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris on a historic victory,” tweeted Illinois Governor billionaire JB Pritzker, adding that he looks forward to working with their administration. Forbes previously reported that Pritzker and his wife donated $ 1.4 million to Biden’s campaign and that his net worth is estimated at around $ 3.5 billion.

Entertainment billionaires Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry also weighed. Winfrey, valued at $ 2.6 billion, hailed Biden’s victory as a “reset” for the “soul of America.” Perry, whose value Forbes estimates at $ 1 billion, tweeted on Saturday, “Change is here,” adding, “I’m sitting here in tears!”

Trump wasn’t the only billionaire to start in 2020. Climate change activist Tom Steyer and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg also fought Biden for the Democratic nomination. After exiting, Steyer and his wife Biden donated $ 640,000 out of their $ 1.4 billion net worth, while Bloomberg – who spent $ 1 billion on his own campaign – donated $ 15 million from his nearly $ 55 net worth Donated billions of dollars to various progressive organizations. Both men congratulated Biden on his victory.

British founder Richard Branson (and we estimate he is worth $ 4.6 billion) has offered international congratulations to Biden as President-elect. “Now is the time to bring America together as the United States and begin the healing,” Branson tweeted. “The world will put down roots for it.”