Helena Bonham Carter Pays Tribute to 2020 Singles in Relatable Bumble Ad

Helena Bonham Carter Pays Tribute to 2020 Singles in Relatable Bumble Ad

Finding love and camaraderie is never easy – and not least in a pandemic, when you can’t meet inside, kiss something interesting, or upset because you’ve been locked in with no social life for most of the year.

The dating app Bumble pays homage to the 2020 dates in an assignable UK spot starring British actress Helena Bonham Carter, famous for her roles on Harry Potter, Fight Club and Netflix, The Crown.

The Brooklyn Brothers agency’s 90-second ad confirms that 2020 was an especially terrible year for data.

It shows Bonham Carter sympathizing with the persistence of singles and standing up for the female protagonist of the commercial, who at Christmas answers questions about her love life from her family and tries a few disastrous dates.

The digital campaign is primarily aimed at women and has been informed through research showing that one in ten Bumble employees is facing heavy pressure from family and friends to be in a relationship at this time of year.

“We wanted to make an insightful film that would appeal to young women in this crazy year that was especially tough for singles,” said Cali Oliver, creative director at The Brooklyn Brothers.

The search for love was hampered that year

“By showing the reality of the situation and laughing at some of the hurdles they have faced, we hope to relieve the pressure singles might be feeling at this time of year and make them feel optimistic about the” new normal “for them Dating.

The campaign was also influenced by Bumble’s research, which found that 71% of singles feel that their dating life has been significantly impacted in 2020. Of those already dating, half said that given the various restrictions on the date they weren’t sure of where to stop the virus.

Naomi Walkland, Bumble’s Marketing Director for EMEA added, “2020 has turned dating upside down and we admire the creativity that people have connected with on Bumble over the past year.

“This campaign celebrates the imperfect moments and the many ways individuals have learned to navigate a new world of dating, virtually and in real life. At the end of the year, this is a reminder that we have all done our best and it is not too late to take a first step. “

It’s not Bonham Carter’s first foray into advertising. The star was featured in an ad for the Apple Watch Series 6 in September. An increasingly frustrated narrator, she envisions a future where products will have high-tech functionality only to be corrected to learn that Apple is already doing it.

Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers
Founding Partner & CCO: George Bryant
Creative Director: Cali Oliver
Author: Charlotte Adorjan
Senior Creative: Hannah Drury
Joint Head of Strategy: Will Sansom
Senior Account Director: Georgia Dixon
Managing Director: Jillian Reedy
Producer: Sasha Mantel
Production company: CAVIAR
Director: Cloé Bailly
Producer: Polly Du Plessis
EP: Sorcha Sheperd
Dop: The Collardy
Editor: Stich
Editor: Flaura Atkinson
Music company: Radford Music
Music Supervisor: James Radford
Chear: Great
Colorist: Toby Tomkins
Post production: # 8