Facebook Will Temporarily Halt All Political Ads After Polls Close On November 3

Facebook Will Temporarily Halt All Political Ads After Polls Close On November 3

Top line

Facebook will temporarily ban all political ads after the November 3rd vote, the company said on Wednesday, to prevent the social media platform from being misused to create confusion after the polls are over.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder and CEO, testifies before the House Financial Services Committee … [+] at the Rayburn House office building on Capitol Hill October 23, 2019 in Washington, DC.

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Key factors

Guy Rosen, VP of Integrity at Facebook, said in a blog post that the ban is intended to “reduce the possibility of confusion or abuse”.

Facebook has already announced that it will stop political ads in the seven days leading up to the election and ban all ads that are intended to de-legitimize the results of an election.

Facebook also said it will remove calls for people to participate in “polling watching” if those posts use “militarized language” or “suggest that the aim is to intimidate, control, or power over election officials or voters to show them “.

If a candidate or party declares a premature win before a race is called by major media companies, Facebook will warn users that the count is not yet complete.

Crucial quote

“While ads are an important way to express your voice, we plan to temporarily stop showing all social, election, or political ads in the US after the polls are completed on November 3rd to reduce the risk of confusion or abuse . We will notify advertisers if this policy is repealed, ”said Rosen.

Key background

Facebook’s policy of not fact-checking political ads has raised fears that they could wreak havoc in the immediate aftermath of the election, especially as President Donald Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful transfer of power. According to the Washington Post, Facebook is specifically planning the possibility for Trump to use Facebook to contest the election results.


Overall, Twitter and TikTok have announced permanent bans on political ads.