Facebook Releases Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior Report for October 2020

Facebook Releases Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior Report for October 2020

An example of content that Facebook removed in Myanmar

Headshot by David Cohen

Facebook last week released its monthly report on Coordinated Fake Behavior for October 2020, which reveals details of 14 networks of accounts, pages and groups that were removed from its platform and Instagram in the last month.

The company removed a total of 1,196 Facebook accounts, 994 Instagram accounts, 7,947 Facebook pages and 110 Facebook groups in October. Details on each network follow:

  • Iran: 12 accounts, two pages, and 307 Instagram accounts linked to individuals at the Tehran-based information technology company EITRC have been removed due to activities originating in Iran directed against Iraq and Israel, most notably the latter.
  • Iran and Afghanistan: 33 accounts, 11 pages, six groups, and 47 Instagram accounts operated by individuals in Iran and Afghanistan have been removed to target the Farsi / Dari-speaking audience primarily in Afghanistan.
  • Egypt, Turkey and Morocco: 31 accounts, 25 pages and two Instagram accounts operated by people in these Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated countries have been removed to target Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Tunisia and Yemen .
  • Georgia: 50 accounts, 49 pages, four groups, eight events, and 19 Instagram accounts linked to the domestic media entity Alt-Info have been removed to target audiences across the country, and Alt-Info is now banned from Facebook.
  • Georgia: 54 accounts, 14 pages, two groups, and 21 Instagram accounts associated with two political parties in the country – Alliance of Patriots and Georgian Choice – have been removed to appeal to domestic audiences.
  • Myanmar: 36 accounts, six pages, two groups and an Instagram account linked to the PR agency Openmind for activities originating in Myanmar aimed at local audiences.
  • Ukraine: 46 accounts, 44 pages, one group and three Instagram accounts associated with the domestic PR agency MAS Agency and individuals involved in the campaign of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and the Batkivshchyna political party to target domestic audiences in Connected.
  • Mexico and Venezuela: Two pages and 22 Instagram accounts are mainly aimed at the US
  • Iran: 12 accounts, six pages, and 11 Instagram accounts linked to people associated with the Iranian government, mainly focused on the US and Israel.
  • Myanmar: 10 accounts, eight pages, two groups and two Instagram accounts for the domestic audience.
  • USA: 202 accounts, 54 pages, and 76 Instagram accounts related to domestic marketing firm Rally Forge, now banned from Facebook on behalf of Turning Point USA and Inclusive Conservation Group. Activities were mainly concentrated in the US, with some also in Kenya and Botswana.
  • Myanmar: 38 accounts, 15 pages, and six Instagram accounts linked to members of the country’s military and aimed at local audiences.
  • Azerbaijan: 589 accounts, 7,665 pages and 437 Instagram accounts Instagram related to the Party of the Youth Union of New Azerbaijanis and aimed at the domestic audience.
  • Nigeria: 78 accounts, 45 pages, 93 groups, and 46 Instagram accounts related to the Islamic Movement and aimed at the domestic audience.

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