Capitol Riot Suspect Arrested After Prospective Date Turned Him In To Police

Capitol Riot Suspect Arrested After Prospective Date Turned Him In To Police

Top line

Federal authorities on Thursday arrested a New Yorker who was accused of participating in the January 6th Capitol riot after an expected date he reported to police when he boasted that he had a message to the Capitol in a message to them Storm Dating App.

A man reportedly bragged about storming the Capitol with a dating app.

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Key factors

Robert Chapman of Putnam County was arrested by the FBI and charged with trampling and disorderly behavior on limited state property.

The FBI was made aware of Chapman’s involvement when a woman he matched up with on the dating app Bumble shared her messages alleging he had “stormed the capital” and “made it to Statuary Hall” .

“We’re not a match,” she reportedly wrote before sending the news and other information about Chapman to authorities.

A review of the Bodycam footage showed Chapman in the Capitol.

Key background

Federal officials have arrested and charged more than 400 suspected participants in the pro-Trump mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Many alleged rioters have been reported by family members, friends, and even online nuisances who intentionally use dating apps to collect incriminating evidence and confessions to hand over to the FBI. Many are charged with relatively minor offenses such as illegal entry, though more serious charges have been brought against those who appear to have worked together to storm the Capitol, including members of the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers.

What to look for

Officials have said their investigation into the riot at the Capitol is still ongoing. At least one hundred other people will be charged, prosecutors said this week.

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