Calling social marketers “gurus” is not the compliment you think it is.

Calling social marketers “gurus” is not the compliment you think it is.

Anyone who has worked on social media has been labeled a social media guru or wizard at some point in their career. And while these terms sound complementary on the surface, in reality they can actually be more harmful than helpful. .

Think about it like this. If your sales manager hits a deal, you would never mandate the salesperson to be a ninja. Even if a salesperson has been called an assistant in passing, there is no mystery what someone in sales actually does or how they get their job done.

But a social marketer can be described as a guru or his or her work attributed to the magic, especially when the person paying the compliment isn’t sure why a social campaign is working so well. Not only is this daunting for social marketers, but it can reveal a marketing director’s knowledge (or lack of) about social marketing. What you might mean as a compliment may be a sign that you are not entirely sure what the job of a social marketer entails or what skills they use on a daily basis.

If a company says it is looking for a “social media guru”, you immediately know that it knows nothing about social media.

– Adrian Molina (@theadrianmolina) January 22, 2014

Social media managers are often told, “work your magic!”

It’s not magic.

It’s about marketing, communication strategy and expertise.

– Jenny Li Fowler (@TheJennyLi) August 2, 2020

Let me finish …

When marketing leaders remove social media guru and wizard from their slang, they can strengthen their relationship with the social team, fill knowledge gaps, and ultimately achieve better results for their business.

Not sure what professional social media management looks like? Start with your first research! Find out the difference between social managers and community managers, or call #MarketingTwitter to hear directly from social marketers. You would be surprised at the answers you will find after asking “What does a social media manager do?” Search.

If you still have questions about the specifics of social marketing, contact a social media manager. When you meet with your social media team, provide a list of specific questions, such as: B. Which skills are most valuable for their role or which challenges they often encounter. Learn about the ins and outs of your social media manager and help you replace phrases like “social media assistant” with creators, analysts, strategists, and more.

Angry! If social media coordinator / manager / specialist really means:

Community manager
Data analyst
Graphic designer


– Α. Walton Smith (@GoesByWalton) October 5, 2020

Removing words like “magic” from your vocabulary also creates space for productive conversation about how social media can aid your wider marketing efforts. For example, “magic” doesn’t tell you how much money it takes to spend on paid campaigns or how many creative resources it takes to spend a month’s worth of content. And it doesn’t tell you if there is a staffing issue that is causing bandwidth issues for the social team. Knowing the time and resources required to complete specific tasks can help managers overseeing social teams better plan and manage workloads to protect social marketers from burnout.

When leaders and social teams are on the same page, it can lead to better collaboration and even better performance results. For example, marketing managers are better equipped to ask about metrics and recommendations that move the needle toward business goals. And social teams can ask about the resources and support they need without feeling like they need to educate their leaders about what they are actually doing.

The demystification of the social marketer’s role begins when executives can answer the question, “What does a social media manager do?” without using words like magic, wizard or guru. By removing these sentences from your everyday language, you can strengthen your social team and create opportunities for bigger and better collaboration.

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