Brand Twitter Got Pranked Into Fist Bumping Exposed YouTuber EDP445

Brand Twitter Got Pranked Into Fist Bumping Exposed YouTuber EDP445

Social media can be a great place for brands of all kinds to interact with fans or followers and share jokes. But when a brand participates in a meme or interaction that a follower starts, they often run the risk that it will be the real joke to react in the first place.

Trigger cheerful brand social media managers have been tricked into poking alleged kids predator and fist … [+] YouTuber EDP445.

@JedrickWills and @ThatMannAl on Twitter

Who is IT? What was he exposed for?

30-year-old Bryant Moreland or EDP445 is a YouTuber whose notoriety was brought about by viral videos of the many intense frustrations of being an Eagles superfan. Earlier this month, Moreland was allegedly caught sending sexual messages to a 13-year-old girl. In reality, the 13-year-old was baited by a predator-captured YouTube channel called Chet Goldstein. In the now-deleted video, Moreland stopped at a location indicated by the bait and thought he was going to meet up with a child after sexting, was instead hit with screenshots and cameras by Goldstein’s crew.

What memes came from the video?

The channel is no longer available due to the many violations of Goldstein’s YouTube standards, but part of a 15-second clip from Moreland asking a Goldstein crew member for a fist has become a meme that Marken should never have touched. but did.

What happened on Twitter

Twitter users who enjoy trolling and making brands look bad have been known to mention brands in tweets with jokes or memes that are NSFW or that do not match the values ​​or mission of the victim’s company. Getting a popular brand’s social media manager, ignorant of the current backstory of computing, to respond to a screenshot asking for a punch is viewed as a success for some in the ratio era of Twitter .

The first documented Twitter-branded punch troll was posted by @ThatManAl on April 27, 2021. Unaware of the recent baggage and computer-related allegations, Blaze Pizza and Chipotle, two brands with extremely active Twitter strategies, responded to Al’s bait tweets. Others, considering Al’s success, tried this troll on other brands. At the time of this writing, most brands have cleared their responses, but some have not yet been cleared.

Other brands like Pizza Hut and Little Caesars Pizza quickly cleared their mistake.

Two screenshots of a Twitter thread between Pizza Hut and JedrickWills

Pizza Hut falls in love with and then deletes the reply to the tweet with the EDP fist bait


Little Caesars Pizza clears their tweets after taking the computerized troll bait.

Little Caesars Pizza clears their tweets after taking the computerized troll bait.

Computerized punch troll from Little Caesars Pizza

These tweets have very low engagement by comparison, but an influential Twitter account using Cryptic has shed more light on the situation.

Social media managers should look for memes to respond to using sites like KnowYourMeme to understand the complexities and true meaning of a joke or screenshot before joining the fun. The Twitter brand that responds positively to a fist-pounding meme from someone recently exposed for sexual messaging to minors is not a look a brand intended or even included in their quick response. As social media takes over more and more of our lives, those with the branded car keys have an increasingly difficult path to keep track of what is okay to laugh about and what is not.