BlueVPS Review – Cheap Managed Hosting

BlueVPS Review - Cheap Managed Hosting


$ 2.69


  • Affordable
  • Fully managed
  • Lots of plans to choose from
  • Lots of server locations to choose from


  • No shared hosting
  • Not enough information on the website

BlueVPS is a European web hosting provider that offers VPS and dedicated hosting services. Read our detailed test and our benchmarks here.

About BlueVPS

BlueVPS is based in Estonia and has server locations from all over the world. The company has been in business for 4 years. You can get different types of web hosting plans from BlueVPS – including KVM VPS, VDS and dedicated servers. There isn’t much more information on the web hosting provider’s history and team on the web hosting provider’s website. However, you can reach out to him and ask him if you have specific questions. The company itself is based in Estonia, but offers different server locations.

BlueVPS server locations

You can get a server from almost any part of the world including, but not limited to:

  • Netherlands
  • England
  • Sweden
  • Hong Kong
  • Cyprus
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Israel
  • Estonia

You can check their Looking Glass page on their servers for more information.

BlueVPS VPS plans and prices

BlueVPS offers different types of web hosting offers. We’ll focus on their VPS plans in our review. All VPS hosting plans use KVM virtualization so you are guaranteed resources. They offer both Linux and Windows.

All plans are fully managed and include their 24/7 support.

Here’s what you can get:

KVM VPS with RAID hard drive – starting at $ 2.69 per month.

  • CPU 1 × 2.66 GHz
  • RAM 256 MB
  • RAID-10 HDD 10GB
  • Port 1 Gbit / s
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • IPv4 – 1 IP
  • IPv6 – 4 IPs
  • KVM virtualization
  • SSH and VNC access

We recommend these plans if your hard drive isn’t limiting you. It can be worth it given the price, it all depends on your needs.

KVM VPS with SSD – starting at $ 2.99 per month.

  • CPU 1 × 2.66 GHz
  • RAM 256 MB
  • SSD 7 GB
  • Port 1 Gbit / s
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • IPv4 – 1 IP
  • IPv6 – 4 IPs
  • SSH and VNC access

It’s a considerable upgrade from the HDD version. You can get SSD storage for just 30 cents more. It’s worth the higher price for the performance boost and benefits over the hard drive.

KVM VPS with NVMe power supply – starting at $ 8 per month

  • CPU 1 × 2.9 GHz (Epyc core)
  • RAM 1024 MB
  • NVMe 12 GB
  • Port 1 Gbit / s
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • IPv4 – 1 IP
  • IPv6 – 4 IPs
  • SSH and VNC access

The cheapest NVMe plan is significantly more expensive than the cheapest SSD plan, but the upgrade is much higher. You get more RAM, a better CPU, and better storage. Given the tech specs, the pricing is still very low and affordable.

All in all, it’s well worth the pricing for the resources you get with all of their servers. It is definitely an option to consider.

BlueVPS benchmarks

We will be running benchmarks and tests on their SSD-bWKVM 4096 plan.

As usual, we will run Nench on a freshly installed VPS without prior optimizations or configurations.

Here are the results:

——————————————— nench .sh v2019. 07.20 – Benchmark timestamp: 2021-03-17 08:07:38 UTC —————— —- ————————— Processor: Intel Xeon E3-12xx v2 (Ivy Bridge, IBRS) CPU cores: 2 frequencies: 2992.786 MHz RAM: 3.8Gi Swap: 8.0Gi Kernel: Linux 5.4.0-66-generic x86_64 Hard disks: vda 60G HDD CPU: SHA256 hashing 500 MB 2,991 seconds CPU: bzip2 compression 500 MB 5,131 seconds CPU: AES encryption 500 MB 1,994 Seconds Ioping: Search rate min / avg / max / mdev = 32.8 us / 94.1 us / 3.56 ms / 74.2 us ioping: Sequential reading speed generates 7.65 k queries in 5.00 s, 1.87 GiB, 1.53 k iops, 382.7 MiB / s dd: sequential write speed 1st run: 297.55 MiB / s 2nd run: 294.69 MiB / s 3rd run: 299.45 MiB / s Average: 297.23 MiB / s IPv4 speed tests of your IPv4: 103.253.43xxxx Cachefly CDN: 37.34 MiB / s Leaseweb (NL): 2.17 MiB / s Softlayer DAL (USA): 6.66 MiB / s (FR) : 4.23 MiB / s OVH BHS (CA): 4.73 MiB / s IPv6 speed tests of your IPv6: 2a10: 1fc0 :: xxx x Leaseweb (NL): 8.54 MiB / s Softlayer DAL (USA): 7 , 12 MiB / s (FR): 11.35 MiB / s OVH BHS (CA): 7.95 MiB / s

Great results. A good indication of how powerful your hardware and network are.

Disadvantages of BlueVPS

One of the downsides is that they don’t offer shared web hosting. However, the cheapest VPS plan, which starts at $ 2.69 per month, is a great alternative.

Another downside is that their website is pretty new and doesn’t have enough information about the services they offer, support, the team itself, company history, etc.

Some of their hosting plans use HDD. This isn’t really a downside as you have other options (SSD and NVMe). It can actually be a benefit to have an extra cheaper option if you don’t mind using a hard drive.

These 3 may not be a big deal when deciding whether or not to go with BlueVPS.

Conclusion on our BlueVPS review

It is definitely worth a try. They are affordable and their server plans have great specs. They have different plans and pricing to choose from so you can easily find a solution for your needs. You can always contact support if you have any questions.