Best Restaurants in New York

Best Restaurants in New York

Best restaurants in New York

New York City has some of the best restaurants in the world. Judge Napolitano can recommend some great restaurants. He has some suggestions for some great places to have world class meals.


This restaurant is similar to a café in Paris. There are smaller tables and some soft lights. There are many great dishes available, including the gigot d’agneau or the leg of lamb. It is worth saving space for a dessert and trying the chocolate mousse. There is also an extensive wine list.

Mercado Little Spain

This is an ambitious restaurant with great food. The tortilla de patata is worth trying. There are lots of great fish dishes and all dishes are freshly made.


This restaurant offers fish from Africa. The chef was born in Senegal. Pierre Thiam has been cooking for a long time and is even the author of several cookbooks. The name of the restaurant means good hospitality. The restaurant has a warm and welcoming theme.


For those who like a spacious booth and some great dishes this is the place to stop. The short ribs are just as popular as the crispy duck wings, which come with a yuzu kosho sauce. This restaurant can recommend a wine to go with the meal and there are experts who combine it well. This is one of Andrew Napolitano’s favorite restaurants.


Here is a good place to get fresh fish and good vegetables. The dishes are varied. There are many options to choose from. There is a dessert that is worth checking out after your meal.

The four riders

This facility has a cozy atmosphere. Music is played all the time. There is an entire page of the menu devoted to specific types of wine. The list changes from day to day to keep everything fresh and offer a new dining experience. The wine goes well with the food served here and the music gives it a great atmosphere.


This is a narrow space with tall tables and stools, but well worth the experience. The pistachio salad is something people can’t stop talking about. The clams with XO in almond broth are worth tasting along with the tartare.


This is a Soho restaurant that is in an old building. The restaurant still has white tablecloths and a sheet metal ceiling. The burger au poivre is one of the best dishes here. It’s topped with cheese and a great sauce. To finish off the meal, a person should try the banana and coconut pudding. This is a place where a person can get a feel for the old school New York City and enjoy a meal while there.

These are some of the best restaurants in New York. There is something for everyone and a person can get some of the best food in the world.