Audi Fuels Ad Placements With Nostalgia to Promote Its Used Car Program

Audi Fuels Ad Placements With Nostalgia to Promote Its Used Car Program

Anyone who has ever wandered the Latin Quarter in Paris may have noticed some of the small, independent movie theaters that are dotted along the cobbled streets from the Seine to the Sorbonne. Almost exclusively old films – classic films or cult favorites – show their customers back in time in order to revisit the tried and tested film favorites.

The nostalgic appeal of old films, favorite sports, concert clips or music that spans decades is particularly strong when moments such as the constant stressors of the coronavirus pandemic and political uncertainty arise.

Knowing this appeal, Paris-based agency Romance launched a new campaign for Audi that improves the timelessness and reliability of the brand’s cars by promoting their used inventory. This is part of a more comprehensive project to promote Audi’s new certified used vehicle program, Audi Approved: plus.

The creative approach

In their first 30-second ad for the campaign, the ad begins with body shots of a car, which calls every traditional ad for a new car model. But then the camera zooms in on the mileage (in this case, the mileage) on the dashboard – the car has already driven 43,052 kilometers.

The Audi A1 model was built in 2018. The words “Sometimes age doesn’t matter” flash on the screen, before ending with a reference to Audi’s new range of used cars.

The promotion of this new program is “a great challenge for the coming years,” said Audi marketing manager for used cars Anne-Sophie Bernard in a statement. She added that Romance’s work resulted in “a smart and original campaign” that was up to the challenge.

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Even more interesting, however, is where the agency chose to serve these ads. Rather than just targeting digital spaces that are demographically frequent, Romance has gone to great lengths to make sure the ads fit in well with the content they’re interrupting or living next to.

For example, the ads are shown before YouTube videos from classic concerts or sports moments, as well as during Spotify playlists from the 70s, 80s and 90s. As soon as the cinemas are certain to reopen, the ads will also run before classic films are shown in the Parisian cinemas.

“Since we integrated the digital area into the agency, our work has been driven by the transcription of the Audi DNA in all digital channels,” said Caroline Guittonneau, Creative Director of Romance, in a statement. “This campaign shows that today it is possible to be creative with strategic targeting.”