8 Social Media Stories That Will Bring a Smile to Your Face


8 social media stories that will bring a smile to your face

There are negative aspects to social media, but there is also a lot of content posted by ordinary people who do good deeds. Social media and crowdfunding have changed the lives of a number of people. Check out the social media posts that will bring a smile to your face below.

KFC wedding proposal leads to a dream wedding

Hector Mkansi suggested Nonhlanhla Soldaat while they were having a meal at KFC. The proposal resulted in a dream wedding, and Hector chose the location as her favorite place to enjoy a meal. A viewer videotaped the proposal and KFC South Africa asked its supporters to find the happy couple.

The video grew in popularity, which resulted in KFC paying for the wedding planner. Other companies like Audi offered transportation services, and airlines even offered free flights. The couple’s honeymoon was paid for by various companies, celebrities, and online personalities.

Ocean Spray enthusiast receives a reward

Nathan Apodaca’s truck broke on the way to work. He decided to go skateboarding with Ocean Spray cranberry juice, his drink of choice. He filmed his trip to work while sipping his juice and listening to Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams. He posted the video on TikTok after initially not intending to share it, resulting in over 40 million views.

Ocean Spray decided to deliver a truck with Nathan’s drink of his choice, and he got to keep the truck too! Ocean Spray shared this on Instagram and a number of celebs re-created the video around the world. Nathan then had to find one of the best auto insurances so he could actually drive the truck lol.

Burger King Baby finds mom

In 1986, a baby was found in a Burger King bathroom in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Almost three decades later, the baby had grown up and had a child of their own. Katheryn Deprill wanted to find her mother and posted a picture of herself on Facebook asking for help.

The picture gained traction and was shared thousands of times. Her birth mother held out her hand and the two met. Her mother said she could not care for a child at the time. Katheryn and her mother plan to continue a relationship, and her mother plans to be involved in her granddaughter’s life.

Special birthday for Charlie

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in six-year-old girl Charlie Manning’s birthday being canceled. The Kamloops-born Canadian was upset that she got to spend the day with a family from the United States. Charlie’s car went to Facebook and asked people to share to make her birthday a memorable one. Charlie received 173 cards and 15 packages, which made the day very special.

Students take a big break

Jashika Khan and Mohammad Azajuddin from Kolkata, India were videotaped on their way to school in the morning. The video would eventually go viral in 2019. The video made it to TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter when the student’s teacher posted it.

Nadia Comaneci, who is considered one of the best gymnasts of all time, retweeted the post. This all resulted in free gymnastics training for the children and meals paid for by the Indian Sports Authority.

We rate dogs Twitter account Helps dogs in need

Matt Nelson created the We Rate Dogs Twitter account, which eventually went viral, but it wasn’t his intention. He posts pictures of dogs with reviews and has over 8 million followers. Matt used this to start GoFundMe pages for dogs in need of medical care. A 12-year-old Golden Retriever needed a wheelchair, and Matt’s trailer turned in over $ 700 in a matter of hours.

Woman uses social media to rescue injured falcon

Madeleine Weatherhead saw a hawk who appeared dazed on her way to work in NYC. She called the Animal Care Center with no answer. She took a picture of the bird and asked Twitter for help. After the post, Special Operations Offices showed up to catch the red-tailed buzzard, which was taken to a shelter to fully recover.

Seeing Eye Dog gets a second chance

Cecil Williams lost consciousness when he fell on the subway tracks in New York in 2013. His guide dog Orlando stepped into action by jumping down and licking his owner awake. Cecil and Orlando came to the middle of the tracks as the train passed over them. Cecil said he couldn’t keep his dog because Orlando was too old and insurance only pays for working service dogs.

Law student Grant Kirsh saw the story and launched an Indiegogo campaign. A massive donation of over $ 103,000 was made to Cecil.

Use social media forever

The world is full of great stories and people in need. Use social media to help people in the future as it is one of the most powerful platforms in the world today.