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WordPress is the world’s most popular website building platform and has been for some time. What makes WordPress so popular and successful isn’t the fact that there are no alternatives. It is the fact that WordPress is by far the easiest to use on its own, one of the most advanced and a top notch website building tool out there.

There have been many platforms working diligently to dethrone WordPress, but none came anywhere near them. These days, WordPress supports 40% of all websites available, which is a tremendous number.

A platform the size of WordPress is a monolithic platform that an entire community revolves around. Like everything else in digital, it’s full of trends, and the trends in 21 determine the future of how people will continue to use the platform.

Below are five of the liveliest WordPress trends to look out for if you want your WordPress website to stand out from the crowd.

Secure your website

The global pandemic is a worldwide tragedy. Many lives and livelihoods were lost, which made people very worried and fearful. These days it’s all about safety. Making sure your website is as secure as possible is a fantastic way to prove that you are running a legitimate website.

With more people spending time at home online than ever before, cyber crime is rampant. People take the time to choose a reliable antivirus and VPN app. All of these measures are taken to ensure that they are protected and that their identity is not compromised. So make sure you secure your website as much as possible and provide the necessary evidence. HTTPS always beats HTTP, stating that you have security standards to keep your users safe and will go a long way. As a web owner, you should also use appropriate security solutions to ensure that your data and all business transactions are safe.

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UI / UX optimization

UI / UX has always been a capricious thing. Trends determine how these two fundamental aspects should follow a given website, and simplicity is all about simplicity in 2021. People are no longer willing to traverse a website for ages just to find something they’re looking for – they want it quick and they want it easy.

All you have to do is invest in UI / UX optimization of your website. Minimalism is very modern right now and it can be fantastic to reflect that on your website. WordPress is a very UI-friendly platform that allows you to easily adapt your website to the needs and wishes of your prospects and visitors.

Community plugins

Since people are locked in most of the time due to the pandemic, they are looking for alternative ways to connect with other people. Now there is no shortage of forums, messengers and social media platforms on the internet – but WordPress websites are starting to incorporate a sense of community into their existing websites.

Now, when you use WordPress as the platform for your website, you’ll be delighted to find that the heavy lifting has already been done for you.

The only thing you need to consider is to install a community plugin, set it up, and make it available to the world.

Home pages

Landing pages are nothing new and have been an integral part of most websites for a while. We only recently recognized it as an industry standard. A landing page is the first page the user comes across when visiting your website via a recommendation or a hyperlink.

A landing page should be clear and simple, with as much visual and bite-sized information as possible.

Direct answers / bots

Customer service is one of the pillars of any service website that deals with people in every way. Well, there’s nothing like having a professional ready to answer any questions your potential buyer may need to ask, but that’s usually not an option.

A good alternative, at least for WordPress websites, is to use a bot to manage some of your customer service. Bots and AI are getting more sophisticated, which means they can help your customers and visitors without appearing as mindless, aimless and unhelpful bots.

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Final thoughts

WordPress is one of the most important platforms in the digital world and is becoming more and more sophisticated and user-friendly over time. Since it’s open source, there are more themes, plugins, and elements than you can imagine. All of this enables you to make your WordPress based website so much better!